Impaler: 100% Achievement Guide (January 2023 Update)

This is an in depth guide to 100% the game “Impaler”. It is full of tips and tricks for completing each achievement.

The guide is up to date as of January 13th, 2023. I will keep the guide updated as soon as more patches are dropped, as well as update the guide if there are any mistakes I have made.


To complete the “Victory” achievement you need to complete a run of the game. Each run is ten levels plus the boss level.

You Can Do Better
To complete the “You Can do Better” achievement you need to score 1,000 points and complete the run.

That’s More Like It
To complete the “That’s More Like it” achievement you need to score 5,000 points and complete the run.

10K Magic
To complete the “10K Magic” achievement you need to score 10,000 points and complete the run.

Master of Arms
To complete the “Master of Arms” achievement you need to unlock all weapons in the game. The weapons are the following.

  • SMG
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Harvester
  • Plasma Gun
  • Assault Rifle
  • Cannon

Each weapon has a set of challenges associated with it that must be complete to unlock the them.

Quick Learner
To complete the “Quick Leaner” achievement you need to unlock every upgrade. There are a total of forty-two upgrades. Prioritize the weapon upgrades because each weapon has multiple and you might only seen one or two per run. (This being the last achievement I got because of the amount of runs I needed for weapon upgrades.)

Spike Jump
To complete the “Spike Jump” achievement you need to jump and land on the flying enemy. You can either…

  • Walk up to a jump bad, which will launch you into the air.
  • Boost yourself up by placing a spike bellow you and pressing the jump button.

The flying enemies do shoot projectiles at you so make sure to dodge them midair.

Mighty Offering
To complete the “Might Offering” achievement you need to deliver an offering without pushing it. The easiest way I have found to do it is placing a spike next to it, which will launch it, and then shoot it towards the beacon. You need to get the offering relatively close to the beacon, it can however be as high in the sky as you want it to be and will still gravitate towards the ground.

High Life
To complete the “High Life” achievement you need to complete five runs with a score of 20,000. To reach the 20,000 you can…

  • Make sure to grab as much gold, kill enemies and deliver offerings.
  • Play on one of the harder difficulties to get a higher score a little easier.

Master Spiker
To complete the “Master Spiker” achievement you need to complete a run without getting gun kills. Mastering movement and jumping with the spikes helps a lot with this achievement. You’ll need to spike as many enemies as you can end stomp on the rest. The flying enemies are especially difficult on a no gun run.

Dry Run
To complete the “Dry Run” achievement you need to complete the game without spike kills. Using your spike for movement should not invalidate the achievement for your run.

Do a Barrel Roll
To complete the “Do a Barrel Roll” achievement you need to kill five enemies using exploding barrels. Waiting for a group of enemies to spawn and then luring them towards the barrels is the easiest way to complete this achievement.

It’s Getting Hot in Here
To complete the “It’s Getting Hot in Here” achievement you need to overheat your weapon ten times during a run. This is easy as you just need to hold it down and wait for it to cool down before starting again.

Monster Kill
To complete the “Monster Kill” achievement you need to kill each type of monster at least once. The types of monsters are…

  • The Vampires
  • The Frogs
  • The Slimes
  • The Cyborgs
  • The Heads
  • The Flying People
  • The Cyborg Towers

Some of the enemies have much larger versions of themselves that take a lot more time to kill. But neither them or the final boss count towards the achievement. Not every run has each enemy, so this achievement will take a few to complete.

Heavy Foot
To complete the “Heavy Foot” achievement you need to stomp and kill five enemies at once. Waiting for a group to spawn is the easiest way to complete the achievement.

To complete the “Deadeye” achievement you need to kills six enemies while in bullet time. The easiest way to do this is to save your bullet time (Indication it is ready is when blue lines appear on your screen.) and wait for a group of enemies to spawn.

Victory ll
To complete the “Victory ll” achievement you need to complete a run on the hard difficult. The hard difficulty is locked behind completing a run on the normal mode. Hard mode is a step up so make sure to prioritize health upgrades.

Victory lll
To complete the “Victory lll” achievement you need to complete a run on nightmare difficulty. Nightmare difficulty is locked behind the hard difficulty. You need to be extra careful with all enemies in this mode while prioritizing health and movement due to the heavy handicaps.

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