Infinitode 2: 100% Achievement Guide

Here is a guide on how to get all achievements in Infinitode 2.

Note: Infinitode 2 will become completely free to play at October 14th, and will stay free forever!


Story-related achievements

These achievements are obtained by getting 3 stars on all story levels (excluding bonus stages).

  • Tower defense 101
    Complete all of the tutorials
    Note that stage 0.4 will only appear after completing 1.8 and unlocking your first miner.
  • Responsibilities taken
    Get 3 stars on first 8 levels of Stage 1
  • Beginnings ended
    Get 3 stars on first 8 levels of Stage 2
  • Resistance overcame
    Get 3 stars on first 8 levels of Stage 3
  • Evolvement performed
    Get 3 stars on first 8 levels of Stage 4
  • Denouement approached
    Get 3 stars on first 8 levels of Stage 5

Grindy achievements

These are all pretty much self-explanatory.

  • Rising scholar
    Do 500 different research
    Raise 500 different research node at least one level (multiple levels of the same research do not count.)
  • Mad scientist
    Complete all of the regular research
  • Battlefield architect
    Build a map with 100 tiles
    See next achievement..
  • Crazy battlefield architect
    Build a map with 500 tiles
    You will need to raise User map size to L9 in the research tree for this. The achievement will pop upon playing the map.
  • Mass production
    Have 25 miners at the same time on one map
    Additional miners are unlocked via research and as trophy rewards. Easier on a custom map. Look for a base tile which gives more miners.

  • Basically rich
    Get 1,000,000 Green Papers
    This is cumulative so you’ll get there sooner rather than later.
  • That’s a lot of damage
    Build 1,000,000 MDPS on any level
  • On the wave
    Reach wave 300 on any level
  • Seven numbers
    Kill 1,000,000 enemies
  • Eight numbers
    Kill 10,000,000 enemies

Tower specific achievements

  • Snowball combo
    Hit one enemy with snowball 5 times
    For this you need Freeze’s LVL10 ability Snowball. Create a custom map with Exp multiplier tiles for your Freeze towers and make sure enemies pass by them before getting killed (otherwise the towers won’t level up), and choose the LVL4/7 ability Monitoring system for faster exp.

  • Death from the sky
    Kill 10 walking enemies with Anti-air tower in one game
    For this you need Anti air’s LVL10 ability Aimed drop.
  • Thorny chain
    Kill 3 enemies with one projectile using Splash’s chain reaction
    For this you need Splash’s LVL4/7 ability Penetrating bullets.
  • Step back
    Kill 100 enemies who are being thrown back in one game
    For this you need Blast’s LVL10 ability Stopping force.
  • Bullet storm
    Have a tower with 200+ attack speed
    Minigun has the fastest starting Attack speed. Since achievements can only be obtained on Normal difficulty, upgrade levels beyond LV10 in attack speed in the Endless research tree are irrelevant here. Get all the Attack speed bonus research from the left side of the research tree. You will need to place your Minigun on an Attack speed V tile, surround it with 4 Attack speed modifiers (upgrade Attack speed bonus given by the modifiers in the research tree), let it level up, then add 4 Power modifiers. On a custom map, a Base tile and a core with Attack speed bonus will help.

  • Rocket rain
    Have 100 missiles flying over the map at the same time
    Easier to achieve on a custom farming map when you have enough Bounty modifiers to be rolling in gold fast. When you have enough gold, simply build as many Missile towers as you can.

Ultimate abilities achievements

These achievements require a tower’s ultimate ability. For this, you need to upgrade Max experience level research to L10 so that the tower can reach level 20. (Or find a map/base panel which raises tower max experience level).

Levels close to 20 require quite a bit of experience, so researching Starting level increase, as well as Passive exp generation and Exp multiplier, and playing on a map with Exp multiplier tiles, will help. If there are resources near platforms, then the Experience modifier can also be useful.

If you need to raise multiple towers to level 20 then it’s best to connect them with a Balance modifier. If the towers you need are weak, try connecting a stronger tower tower or two (like Flamethrower + Tesla) to the Balance modifier to provide faster experience.

  • Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V
    Copy 5 towers in one game
    For this you need Basic’s ultimate. Make sure that there are empty platforms in range. Also see next achievement.
  • Worth of dozen
    Build one tower but finish the game with 12 towers
    This also requires Basic’s ultimate. Make a custom map with 12 Exp multiplier tiles, one Scalar resource tile, a path around them with one or two low-difficulty portals with no air enemies, and ideally a base tile which gives Exp bonus and/or Exp level bonuses etc., and an Alpha core.

    Place a Basic tower in one of the corners, link it up to an Experience modifier and add a miner. Do not set waves on Auto so you have more time for experience and levels to increase.

    When the tower reaches LVL20 add some cheap modifiers to make sure the new tower gets created on one of the Exp multiplier tiles. Rinse and repeat, and move Experience modifiers around so they always give Exp to the newly created tower.

  • Minefield walk
    Have 25 mines on a map
    For this you need Cannon’s ultimate. Upgrade Number of mines research node twice so each Cannon tower produces 5 mines.The same set-up described for the Worth of dozen achievement will work here too.

    Some of the Exp bonuses may not be needed here since there are only 5 towers to level up and we are levelling them up all at the same time.

  • Space efficient
    Build 3 more towers than amount of platforms on the map
    For this you need Minigun’s ultimate. If you upgrade Max number of Microguns research then you can achieve this with just one Minigun, otherwise you’ll need two. I achieved this on level 2.6 although a similar set-up to the Worth of dozen achievement would also work.

  • Light show
    Have 11 ball lightnings flying over the map at the same time
    For this you need Tesla’s ultimate. Try a similar setup as for the Rocket rain and Snowball combo (i.e. go for a flame+tesla farm on a custom map, with weak portals).
  • Eye protection required
    Double your Laser’s damage using its ultimate

Energy abilities achievements

  • Wow, this blew up
    Kill 100 enemies with one Nuke
    Do this on a map with a long path to the base. Call waves early and use the ability.

Miscellaneous achievements

  • How?
    Fail the tutorial
    Sell the sniper tower a second time in stage 0.3.
  • Stonks
    Kill any boss under “bonus coins” effect
    Can be achieved on story level 5.8.

By Finn Bálor

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