Into the Radius VR: All 1.0 Stashed Weapons Locations

Every single stashed weapon around the maps with walkthroughs and screenshots of how to find them.

Note: This guide contains MAJOR spoilers! I would highly suggest doing a 100% blind playthrough before reading this guide!


Supply Depot – Tokarev & Sawed-Off


Within the first storage building you see upon entering supply depot from its front entrance is a Tokarev handgun.
Head inside to the back right of the room to find a grey liquid container. Climb on it and look at the shelf to access the Tokarev.


To the storage building to the South/right of the one with the Tokarev inside containes a sawed off shotgun.
Enter inside and look towards the central area of the building and on an orange barrel in the center should be the sawed-off shotgun.

Dorms – Suppressed PM & Camera

Suppressed PM & Camera

Northwest of dorms lies two UNPSC scientist’s bodies nearby an anomaly cluster. On one of the bodies will be a suppressed PM and a camera.

Blockpost – PPSH, Tokarev, & PM

PPSH & Tokarev

To the southwest of of the blockpost’s roadblock is a floating traincar.
Go to the traincar and climb the boxes into it. All of the boxes are made of grip material.


Inside of the blockpost’s roadblock is a garunteed PM spawn, shown below.

North of Blockpost – Mosin


North of the major traffic of blockpost is a drainage pipe under the road that contains a rusted Mosin.

Bolotki Villiage – Hunting/Double Barrel Shotgun

Hunting/Double Barrel Shotgun

The first/Southmost building in Bolotki will have a shotgun hidden within its attic. There is no need to climb, and is almost completely safe to acquire.

Construction – Mosin & PSO-1


After climbing the crane in construction, there is a Mosin in the crane’s counterbalance.
To reach it, tight-rope across the yellow beam to the first point circled in red, then grab the second pint circled in red to swing and set yourself inside there. To get out, use the same method.
Do not forget to grab the PSO-1 scope and the ammo inside the box while you’re up there, it’s right around the exit of the ladder going up into the crane.

Fun fact: This Mosin spawn used to spawn a Tiger Rifle.

Swamp – SKS & KEDR


Marked on the map below is the location of an SKS that is hidden under some rubble in a old rowboat.


In the Southern area of the swamp is a shack. Inside the left room is a KEDR that will be sitting on a table.

Zarya Factory – Mosin & PU Scope

Mosin & PU Scope

To the East of the Zarya Factory is a rock outcropping that will have a rusty Mosin with a scope lying on the wood pallet.

South Komarovo Storage – IZH/Pump Action Shotgun
IZH/Pump Action Shotgun

Inside of the building marked below on the map is a shotgun on the back wall lying on the ground.

Trainyard – AK74-M, SKS, & AS VAL


By far the hardest stash to reach to has you going around the rear of the largest building in trainyard.
1. Climb the red truss.
2. Jump onto the ledge into the building (it is grip surface that has a very generously large hitbox).
3. Navigate towards the platform (most of the area will be grip surface).


Inside the largest building, go into the open traincar and take a left. Between the crates will be an SKS.


Inside the tilted tower of trainyard, enter the first floor.
Inside one of the couches will be the AS VAL, tucked under the clippable and movable couch cushion.

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