Isonzo: “Sabotage 5 enemy barbed wires in one life” Achievement Guide

In this guide i will show probably the easiest way to get the achievement “Compagnia della Morte” (Sabotage 5 enemy barbed wires in one life).

1. Set-up

NOTE: It is recommended that you watch the full guide before starting the match, because you don’t have time to look into it when the game already runs as cutting the wires must be done right in the start (otherwise your teammates will cut the wires making this method impossible.

Go to main menu, then click “PLAY” and there create “custom match” (on the right).

Select offensive as German Intervention. After that select starting level as “CAPORETTO”.
MAKE SURE ADVANCED MATCH OPTIONS ARE OFF! (if they are on, you cant get Steam achievements)

Make sure you have these options and then click create:

2. Class & weaponary selection

Make sure to be in the attacker team. If you are not sides can be changed from the bottom left corner.
We will need to be as fast as possible. Not necessarily because of the enemy, but because the friendly bots also like to cut the wires. Use Engineer class and make sure to select the perk “Wire company”. Don’t worry, this doesn’t require any level or tasks to be done, it’s the starting perk.image:

3. Spawnpoint and order to cut the wire

Make sure to spawn in the right-side spawnpoint.

Starting the run

Start running into the area when there is still 5 seconds of preparation time. This gives you 5 second head start comparing to your botmates and better change of success. Watch the video and look closely where i camp in order to not get hit by the enemy bombing.

Please watch rest of my run on the fourth section of the guide and try to follow my path for best end result.

Order to cut the wires
(You can enlargen the image by clicking it.)

4. My run

This is example of the run. If you get hit but manage to survive (like happened to me), don’t start bandaging, this could ruin your run.

Remember to run when possible.

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