Juice Girl: Walkthrough (100% Achievement Guide)

The guide will help you get every achievement, and also explain how the game works.


How To Play
The basic premise is that this is a clicker game, where you click on a girl to raise points, and then use those points to upgrade your clicking power by buying fruits, cake recipes, etc.

To start with, your clicks won’t be worth many points – known in this game as “coin” – but as you upgrade it becomes easier and easier to amass them. Some fruits and cakes are cheaper than others, but you’ll want to upgrade the cheap ones as soon as possible.

To do this, click on the silhouettes to see the price, and if you can afford it, get it! Don’t bother agonising over saving coins, you’ll see why in the Jackpot Roulette section. The items get more expensive going from right to left.

Easy Money – AKA Your Guide to Jackpot Roulette
The roulette game above the bar is your best friend in this game. As soon as you get 1000 coins, I highly recommend you play this.

There are 20 possible squares to land on, and half of them will yield a profit.

🍉 🍎 Watermelon and Apple will give you nothing, and there are six of them on the wheel.

🍊 Orange will give you back the same amount you put in, so if you get this, you haven’t lost any money. There are four of these.

Anything past this is profit, therefore you have a 50% chance to at least double your money.

🍐 Pears will give you double what you put in. There are four of these.

🔔 Bells will multiply your wager by five. The bell with a x2 beneath it will multiply it by ten. There are two regular bells and one double bell.

🌟 Stars are the best, and there are two of these squares to land on. Normal stars will multiply your wager by fifty, whereas the x2 Stars give you back your bet 100 times.

This is why I recommend putting all of your money into the roulette. If you can hit a 100x square with a wager of 1000, you can immediately bet the 100,000 winnings and have a 50% chance to profit – and a 20% chance to break even. If you still somehow lose it all, just immediately try to get 1000 coins and wager again. If you keep betting, you can generate seemingly endless profits for no effort, and you will be able to skip most of the tedious clicking.

Last of all, landing on the 777 tile will not multiply your bet by 777, BUT you will get back all the money you’ve put in so far (indicated by the total collected in the center.

Fruit Achievements
These are self-explanatory. Unlock a fruit, get an achievement.
Fruits are cheaper upgrades than cakes, and offer a passive buff – rather than cakes, which are consumables that give you a timed buff.

Cake Achievements
As with the fruit, these are self-explanatory.

You do not need to bake or eat these to get any achievements. You can only bake one cake at a time, so eat them if you want to bake another.
As they increase in price and power, the longer they take to bake.
You don’t need to click anything to move the baking timer, you can just wait.

Girl Achievements
When you click on the shadow of a bottle, you will be taken to a gatcha machine. You unlock girls from the capsule game by spending your coins.

There are fifteen girls to collect in total, and each time you get a new girl, the price to play will increase. You will get many, many repeats, so make good use of the roulette to earn enough coins.

WARNING; The number of girls you unlock affects your ending, please read ahead before unlocking them all.

Drink Mixing Achievements
Each girl from the machine earns you a bottle for the drinks shelf.

Click on these coloured bottles to switch to a girl, and then click on her to fill the SP requirement. If you followed my roulette guide earlier and managed to avoid the clicking guide, then SP grinding will be the most tedious and intense part of the game.

Once you have enough SP, you will be given the option to upgrade the bottle to a proper drink. Upgrading involves a clicking mini-game involving your girl.


Once you unlock every girl, they will all appear on a group photograph on the wall. This will appear even in a new game.

Click on this, and then click on a girl.
Selecting ‘Upgrade Simulation’ will allow you to do the upgrade mini game without grinding SP, and still get the achievement for mixing her drink. This has no effect on your game and will not do anything more than give you the drink achievement for that girl.

Upgrade Minigame
There are three timed rounds, each with different rules. You can slide your view up or down the image using the big arrows.

  • Round 1 is a button mashing game where you click as fast as you can. Some areas give you +2 points per click.
  • Round 2 involves clicking on circles that appear on the girls. Red circles are worth more points than white ones. You don’t need to hit every single one.
  • Round 3 involves dragging a fruit onto a girl and rubbing it all over her as fast as you can. Yes, I know how that sounds. There don’t seem to be any benefits (at least, there’s no noticeable difference) to using certain fruits over others, so don’t waste time agonising over it. Instead, try to find the area that gives you green numbers.

The rounds end when you either successfully meet the points requirements, or when the timer runs out.

If you clear all three rounds, you get a bonus round, but there is no need to do anything here.

Do this for every girl for every drink achievement. BE CAREFUL, this is tied into the good and bad endings. Please read ahead before upgrading your girls.

Bad End / Good End
Getting any ending will END your game, so if you still have achievements to get, SAVE before going for these.

Bad End
SAVE YOUR GAME in a separate slot before you attempt this, or you will have to start all over again.

If you have less than 15 girls unlocked, upgrade your Yandere Girl. You will be given a mini VN-style segment, and then this will net you a bad ending. There are no choices to be made here, simply upgrade Yandere girl (the red bottle) and you’ll be on track for this. Again, save before attempting this or you will lose all your hard work.

Good End
As with the bad end, SAVE YOUR GAME in a separate slot before you attempt this.

Unlock every girl’s bottle before upgrading the yandere, and then upgrade her. Click through all of the dialogue, and then the achievement should unlock before the credits roll. You don’t need to upgrade them all to get the good end, but you should if you want all the drink achievements.

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