JYDGE: Tips & Tricks to Play the Game

Keyboard shortcuts, New Game Plus, difficulty differences, and other useful info.


Special Actions


  • Hold down the melee button to charge the melee strike, up to 8x damage. You cannot move while charging this attack.
  • If you’re playing with mouse + keyboard, you can aim where you want grenades to land.
  • Press E when a level starts to skip the intro. This also works after finishing a mission.


  • Long-press the Restart button to go to the “mission failed” screen. This saves your credits and lets you change gear/loadouts.
  • View patch notes by clicking the ( i ) button in the main menu.
  • Long-press the Jukebox icon to view a list of tracks.


  • Press SPACE or X on the gamepad to view loadouts, on the metagame or level fail screen.
  • Press 1, 2, 3 to switch between them without opening the Loadouts menu. You can do this on the main menu gear screens, and on the level fail screen.


General Notes

In the game settings, “Low mission medal limits” reduces the medal costs for unlocking new missions, letting you play more levels sooner. It’s not how the game was intended to be played, but some players may prefer to use it.

You can also disable the tiled view in the game settings.

There’s a secret ending if you don’t kill too many civilians. You can half the killed civilians number with Sin Eraser, for $66,666.

Sin Eraser + New Game Plus
Despite its misleading button text, the Sin Eraser collectible actually has two functions: Two half your killed civilians number, AND to let you play New Game Plus!. Click “Reset Sins” to view the options.

Choosing “Erase All Sins” will clear your level progress, effectively letting you play New Game Plus. This takes away all of your medals, but keeps any unlocks you’ve already bought. You will lose access to any that you haven’t bought yet, so make sure you buy everything first. Resetting the game this way is great for earning more credits to buy upgrades, as you can earning medals and open loot containers all over again.

Difficulty Differences

The exact stat differences across the different difficulties.

Comparison Table


E Damage
E Speed
E Fire Rate
E Reactions
Game Speed


  • Enemy HP – x1
  • Enemy Damage – x1
  • Enemy Movement Speed – x1
  • Enemy Fire Rate – x1
  • Enemy Reaction Time – x1.15
  • Game Speed – x1
  • Credit Drops – x1


  • Enemy HP – x1.35
  • Enemy Damage – x1.75
  • Enemy Movement Speed – x1.05
  • Enemy Fire Rate – x1.1
  • Enemy Reaction Time – x1
  • Game Speed – x1.01
  • Credit Drops – x1.25


  • Enemy HP – x1.9
  • Enemy Damage – x3
  • Enemy Movement Speed – x1.1
  • Enemy Fire Rate – x1.15
  • Enemy Reaction Time – x0.9
  • Game Speed – x1.02
  • Credit Drops – x1.5


  • Enemy HP – x2.5
  • Enemy Damage – x5
  • Enemy Movement Speed – x1.2
  • Enemy Fire Rate – x1.3
  • Enemy Reaction Time – x0.7
  • Game Speed – x1.05
  • Credit Drops – x2.0

In-Game Tips

Info on Mechanics
  • JYDGE’s health is shown in a circle indicator around his feet.
  • Laser projectiles are red. They’re accurate, fast, and bounce off surfaces.
  • Plasma firemode shoots high damage projectiles with medium range. Plasma practically melts organic enemies.
  • Lead based fire modes shoot high mass lead. The projectiles can pierce through thin walls.
  • Ion projectiles electrify nearby enemies. #zzap
  • Thin walls are destructible. Break them and enter.
  • If you rescue all citizens, you will get the Savior medal even if you perish afterwards. #posthumousmedals
  • You get the Kill All medal after eliminating all enemies even if you die during your escape. #howdidthathappen #posthumousmedals
  • You get to keep the credits you confiscate even if you fail a mission. #magic
  • Citizens may not always choose to run to the direction you would like to. You can gently nudge them to choose a proper route.
  • Some of the tougher enemies will stay dead when replaying missions. How can you tell which ones?
  • Most doors open with enough explosives. #key
  • There are ways to get rid of mines. #boom
  • Loot boxes can only be opened once per difficulty.
  • Color locked doors need to be unlocked only once per difficulty. #stayopen
  • Heavy turrets will spot you even in stealth. #laserisdanger
  • Trouble defeating a boss? Bosses have less HP each Monday.
  • Hold down |MELEE_BUTTON| to charge the melee strike up to 8x damage.
  • You’ll get the Unseen medal if enemies don’t spot the JYDGE. Make your companions do the dirty work? #bffs


General Tips
  • You can rarely achieve all three medals in one run. Which one you want to get next?
  • Try finding alternative routes to your target.
  • Confiscate all the credits you can find. The Department of Jystice needs all the funds it can get.
  • Sneaking to your target can be very effective. #stabbystabby
  • It is of paramount importance to purchase more slots to install additional cyberware and mods. #expensivebutworthit
  • Upgrade your health enough and you can survive a direct rocket hit. #orgibmuch
  • Configure the JYDGE for maximum performance. #jydgeforyourself
  • Be careful with the C4K. The department can’t afford any more fiascos.
  • Save all the citizens you can. They are valued tax payers. #deathandtaxes
  • Blatantly failing Main Objective makes JYDGE explode violently. #failnot
  • What is the best approach for this mission? #jydgeforyourself
  • Install all the melee boosting enhancements and have some melee mayhem. #hacknslash
  • Mechanical Pulice Spiders like to play decoys. #sorryspidey


World Building
  • Confiscation is not a crime! #credits
  • Androids have no feelings, feel free to eliminate them all. #violentdelights
  • ”Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” #ACC
  • Could the rumors about the Gavel Mk2 (aka. ‘Sentence’) be true?
  • Is this real or just a simulation? #yesnomaybe
  • You would be very surprised if you knew what’s behind the JYDGE mask. #keepthemaskon #plz
  • If JYDGE’s vehicle is destruction-proof, why not just stay inside? #heroesdonttakecover
  • It’s Gavel time.
  • The byrds are not what they seem.
  • Don’t look at the meat too closely. #VeganMeatPalace #talktothemeat
  • New line of smart porch terraces available at nearest PCMAS company outlet.
  • Most parents in Edenbyrg prefer to have their children grown in vats until they’re 21.
  • Crimsonland Institute is interested in the strange phenomenon around the May 18th event.

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