Karryn’s Prison: The General Sex Build

This guide will help beginner and intermediate players on how to progress the game with a general sex build.



This guide is intended for beginners and intermediate players. It should help you progress through to Warden difficulty but insufficient for Prisoner, unless you use cheats. This guide contains my recommendation and understanding of the game. There are many ways to play this game and my guide is by no means the only or the absolute most efficient way to play. However, it is generally accepted that sex oriented builds are the more powerful build, for most new players.

So if you are looking for an easy and sexy time to progress through the game, then this guide is for you!

Recommendations for Beginners

Below are my recommendations. If you are wondering why, scroll down to the sections to see how the game mechanics work. For your first game, you probably want to lose.

Starting Choices – First Game
Starting your first game on Secretary difficulty, for weakness choose whole body and for desires chose the wonton s|ut. This will actually make the game harder and that is precisely the point!

Go to game settings > cheats and turn on the following:

  • Hot Coffee – 2x passive unlock
  • Combat – all the ones that double, triple the amount of damage dealt to Karryn, making the enemy more durable, making Karryn can’t dodge, etc.

DO NOT turn on the cheats that prevent you from gaining passives or cause you to gain less experience.

Losing Virginity and Descent to Debauchery
Fight every enemy you encounter and try your best to lose by picking the attack that is the weakest and using Secretary Stance. Repeat until you lose. Keep losing and you will soon lose your virginity.

Repeat losing until you have learned all of the following skills:

  • Give Up – This cause you to lose all your Stamina
  • One of the following sex skills – Handjob / Blowjob / Boobjob / Vaginal sex / Anal sex

Once you learned these abilities, you may proceed “fighting” enemies and bosses normally using your sexual skills. If you have the Desires needed to initiate sex, do so, if not use Give Up to force the enemies to have sex with you.

If you screwed up badly, don’t worry, just lose the game by repeatedly going to bed and losing Order. You will get the bad ending, which allows you to start the game again with your previously learned passives. You should be able to beat the game on your second try.

Starting Choices – Second Game
Assuming you lost the first game, then start the 2nd game with your previous passives. This time, for title, choose management consultant, for sensitive body part pick Anus. And for the desire, pick Mouth or ♥♥♥♥♥. Disable the cheats that inflict extra damage against Karryn or make battles more difficult.

Proceed to fight enemies and bosses normally. Your battle priority are:

  • Use sex acts on enemies (alternatively, use Pleasure Stance so you can use your hands on yourself while watching Karryn get f’ed)
  • Fall to the ground, such as using Give Up skill
  • Use Flaunt to arouse enemies

For Edicts and Training, prioritize in the following order:
1. Edicts that cut cost or generate income
2. Healing Thoughts – Ability that regenerates energy
3. Endurance
4. Energy
5. Dexterity

Beating the Game
Keep fighting enemies with your sexual skills and you will get strong and stronger, eventually beating the game. If you still struggle, be sure to read the guide carefully once more. Remember that in your first game, the goal is to lose, so the choices and cheats were selected to make you lose faster. These hard choices are unnecessary when trying to win. Additionally, you can run away from fights if necessary, so you can go for the boss battle.

Goal of the Game Explained

Winning and Losing the Game
To beat the game you need to beat enemies and bosses.

To lose the game, your Order need to reach 0. And you gradually lose Order each day, especially during riots. So this game is a race against the clock – beat the final boss before Order reaches 0.

Winning and Losing the Battle, and Stat Growth
To win the game will eventually require you to win battles. And to beat them, you can either inflict physical damage OR emotional (ie. pleasure) damage. Conversely, you lose battles by taking too much pleasure damage, which causes you to lose energy and when energy fully depletes, you are defeated in battle.

Regardless of whether you win or lose your battle, you will gain experience, unlock passives and grow your stats. How your stats grow depends on what you did and what was done to you during battle. There is a cap on the total stat you can have. Therefore, the goal of this game is to allocate your stat growth into desirable traits while minimizing stat growth in less desirable traits.

Sex and Pleasure Explained
This IS a sex guide, so this is why you are here. Recall that enemies can be defeated via pleasure damage, which you can inflict on them by having sex with them.

To Initiate Sex
To initiate sex on your enemies, your enemy must meet the minimum pleasure requirement and you must meet the minimum desire requirement. Additionally, you must have learned how to have sex already.

So what if your enemy do not meet the minimum pleasure requirement? You can either use flaunt skill (if you have it) or intentionally lose all your stamina, which causes you to fall to the ground.

So what if you do not meet the minimum desire requirement? Fall to the ground and let the enemy have their way with you.

So what if you have not yet learned how to have sex? Same thing, fall to the ground.

Repeat the above process a few times and eventually Karryn will succumb to her sexual desires.

Pleasure Damage
When you have sex with the enemy, both you and the enemy receive pleasure damage. The amount of damage you deal and receive are influenced by the following:

  • You deal more damage if you are giving sex. Less if you are the recipient.
  • When receiving sex, you deal more damage if your stamina is above 0
  • Critical hits increase damage dealt
  • Your Dexterity stat can increase damage dealt
  • Your Endurance stat can reduce damage received
  • Your Charm stat can reduce the maximum damage the enemy can withstand
  • Passives generally increase damage deal AND damage received
  • The two starting choices you picked will increase pleasure damage received
  • Equipment you wear may reduce some of your damage received
  • Enemies at higer level will inflict more damage

Additionally, the following sex moves inflict higher sexual damage:

  • Boobjob
  • Blowjob
  • Handjob
  • Handjob
  • Rimjob

The following sex moves inflict less sexual damage than normal:

  • Anal sex
  • Vaginal sex
  • Kissing
  • Pet ♥♥♥♥

Vaginal and Anal Sex
In addition to regular requirements, vaginal sex requires Karryn to be wet. Karryn becomes wet after she gets aroused for a while. And while anal sex does not have such requirement, they are usually more difficult to initiate. Both of these mechanics make vaginal and anal sex less frequent than other forms of sex.

Enemy Sex Preferences
When enemies initiate sex, they are limited to certain positions. However, if Karryn initiates sex, or its a defeat scene or the Gym DLC, these limitations do not necessarily apply.

  • Goblins prefer Karryn’s vagina
  • Orcs prefer Karryn’s breats
  • Guards prefer Karryn’s hands
  • Nerds prefer Karryn’s feet
  • Lizards prefer Karryn’s vagina
  • Slimes prefer Karryn’s ass
  • Wolves prefer Karryn’s ass
  • Yeti prefer Karryn’s breasts

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