Karryn’s Prison: How to Remove Edicts (Editing Saves)

Here is Tockity’s method to remove edicts in Karryn’s Prison.


How to Remove Edicts

Removing edicts can either be easy or more complicated, depending on what edict you want to remove. Removing them is easy in general, but there may be situations where more removals are necessary to keep the game state logically sound.

DISCLAIMER: Back up all your stuff. For real. Depending on how thorough you are in resetting the situation, it can break the game. Keep it small with what you remove in the beginning, especially if you have no prior experience, and keep the edicts you remove logically consistent.

Goto RemtairyEdicts.js and try to find out what the internal name is for the edict you want to remove. They are listed in the beginning. This part may require trial and error if you are not sure. As an example this is the line for the level 1 workshop:


This means EDICT_REPAIR_WORKSHOP is the part you want to copy.
I prefer to put the following code that removes the edict into the ‘sleep and start next day’ part of the code. Search for advanceNextDay in RemtairyPrison.js and after these two lines:

Game_Party.prototype.advanceNextDay = function() {
    let actor = $gameActors.actor(ACTOR_KARRYN_ID);

you want to put the following:

Game_Party.prototype.advanceNextDay = function() {
    let actor = $gameActors.actor(ACTOR_KARRYN_ID);
    actor.forgetSkill(EDICT_REPAIR_WORKSHOP); //<-- this line is new

Ofc you’ll have to replace EDICT_REPAIR_WORKSHOP with the name of the edict you want to remove. Now save, start the game, go to sleep and the edict should be locked again.

Note: There is internal game logic that will give you back edicts (for example removing the workshop while having insurance for it).

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