Karryn’s Prison: [Guards’ 24/7 Maid] Title Guide

My How-To guide on getting this highly-elusive and highly-obscure title.


Important Notes

First off, let’s just put all of our cards on the table at the beginning: this guide has had some testing done, but the conditions are not 100% nailed-down. I have, however; made an attempt to semi-guarantee the title being obtained through the use of this guide. If this guide proves its purpose, I’ll be content.


*Note #1: The so-called ‘conditions’ for this title are vague, however; thanks to Steam User Phoenix (His Profile) I was given an actual objective-idea as to how to obtain this title:

Originally posted by Phoenix:

To answer one of the questions posted here:
To get the Guard’s 24/7 Maid Title, you need to “serve” at least one guard in every mini-game and in one defeat (sex) scene in one day.


*Note #2: Although I have obtained the title myself with some testing involved, I have not extensively tested what counts and what does not count as “serving” a guard in which side-job. Thus, I have included all 3 side-jobs that are guard-serviceable as objectives (more on that later).
*Note: #2.5: I have the Gym DLC bought & installed, and have obtained the title with and without the Gym job within the day’s events; so if you do or do not own the DLC at all, it’s confirmed you can get it regardless of any progress made with/without it. I have tested to make sure it was not added as a requirement, so rest assured.


*Note #3: If not already aware, this is a high Guard Aggression and high-passive title requirement so attempting this during a challenge run is not recommended.


*Note #4: I’ll do my best to write this guide without censoring most key words, however I may self-censor many words or self-abbreviate other words just to keep the guide semi-clean of Steam-censored words.


With all that said, let’s get into the Preparations!

Set-up & Preparations

To start with, the required conditions must be met in order for you to even give a serious attempt at obtaining this title:

  • Must have subjugated Level 3
  • Must have obtained at least 15~20+ reputation with all 3 side-jobs.
    1. Bar (Waitress)
    2. Strip Club (Stripper)
    3. Bathroom
  • Must have high Guard Aggression (Manage to have over 50%+ Invasion chance for your office)
    1. Having Wanted Enemy-Guards is a positive recommendation, even rare-enemy Guards would be preferred. (To have semi-regular Guards showing up in side-jobs/battles)
  • Having at least 200-250 Passives helps.
  • Having a decent Ero Stat-Build helps massively.
  • Having Resist Org*sm is a Lifesaver.
  • Being on Secretary Mode (or Free Play Mode) with Disable Autosave cheat turned on (Although not 100% required, it saves you from a lot of potential failures).

(My) Path to Success

After the above conditions are met to the best of your ability, we can finally get into the actual attempts to earning this title!

Before starting the route below, make sure Karryn got a restful sleep last night [+3%/+6%/+9%] (every bit of charm bonus helps you out), and if you have it unlocked: eat an artisan meal in the mess hall (optional).

STEP 1: The Bar

Starting out your day you head on over to the Bar side-job first. Save your game manually before beginning the minigame and then press start to begin your attempt (if you’re in Free-Play, you can choose the shortest time to play). Upon loading in to your bar, if among your patrons there isn’t a single Guard among them, you have 1 of 2 options: Wait ~5 in-game minutes to see if a Guard decides to show up, or force-quit the game to save time so you can restart the mini-game until there is a Guard there.

Once you have a Guard among your patrons, allow Karryn to accept drinks from everyone (the stronger drinks you have available, the quicker this process can be). Your goal is to get drunk as soon as possible so that you’re incapable of working anymore.

Once you’re a drunken mess, you will then start to service all of the Bar patrons; your Guard patron included. At this point, “winning” the battle until your Guard was serviced is the main objective here; overall winning the battle will help save time afterwards.

STEP 2: The Strip Club

Once you’ve completed the Bar mini-game service, you’ll head on over to Level 3’s Strip Club to save your game before beginning. If you’re in Free Play, choose the longest playtime possible. After beginning the Stripping job, your objective is nearly the same as the Bar’s, except you have a minimum time limit to when you need your Guard to show up. Once you’ve begun the job, take note of how long you need to wait in order to invite guests into the VIP room. This is essential in order to ‘service’ a guard.

Now that you know the objective is the VIP room-service, you need to make it that far into the job while also having a guard capable to be invited. To be invited, patrons must be blushing.

Thankfully, this minigame plays quickly and is an easy replay in case you missed the chance with your guard(s). Either finish playing out the job or force-quit to restart in case of failure.

Once you’ve gotten your Guard in the VIP room, it’s just a simple act of finishing the battle scene (with a win preferably).

STEP 3: The Bathroom

After completing the VIP room service at the Club, you’ll then head off to the bathroom for the most failure-heavy minigame of them all. As usual, save before attempting this; and as an advice, having at least 20 or more Bathroom Reputation helps improve the chances of having more visitors showing up (more people, better chances one of them is a guard).

One thing to do before starting: Go into the game settings, and look for the Enemy Battle Dialogue option. Setting it to [Talkative] helps immensely in figuring out which Type of c*ck is on either side of the wall (to hear their responses when they’ve c*mmed).

After beginning the minigame, depending on your choice of service techniques (I primarily stuck to only giving h*ndj*bs since it’s easier to do both walls at the same time), you’ll get a few designated responses from each enemy type. For Guards’ enemy type, their color-coded text is Grey like Hobos’ text, however they have a “proper sentence” structure that should be easily identifiable compared to Hobos’ responses. For some common Guards’ responses that you should keep an eye out include:

  • “Thank you!!”
  • “Here’s your favorite drink, Chief Warden!”
  • “I give up~! I’m going to c*m!!”

Once you’ve started the minigame and chose your way of service, your goal is simple: service everyone that pokes their head through into Karryn’s stall. Take note of all of their responses to see if you (maybe) serviced a Guard, and once there is nobody else showing up your goal then changes. Instead of leaving properly through the ‘leave’ option, instead run out of stamina and energy in order to get a back-up option: the urinal defeat scene.
Note: I’m not sure whether or not this defeat scene counts or not for the bathroom minigame completion-check.

After going through the bathroom urinal scene, save your game in a different save slot before proceeding onto the next and final step.

STEP 4: The Final Step

With keeping your {before bathroom minigame} save on a separate save slot, move to the Guard battle just outside your office in the EB Hallway. You can save here as a precaution, and begin the battle with the Guards.
Your goal here is simple: Service one guard within the encounter, while also forcing yourself into losing the battle. (Note: I do not know whether or not the service within this battle is required 100%, but it always happened that way for me when I was testing it.)

If you do not have access to the standard Guard battle (due to being in a scandalous state of dress), then you have 2 (or 3) options depending on your Prison’s state.

  1. The encounter outside the Prison (leaving the EB Hallway to the west towards the main Prison building)
  2. The encounter in the Prison Yard (leaving the EB Hallway to the north past the mess hall)
  3. (High Guard Aggression only) The encounter in EB Hallway (guards guarding your office, either preventing you from getting inside, or just roaming the hallway)

Triggering the battle in the above selected locations and losing them all bring you to our desired Defeat location we need.

After losing the battle, you’ll be taken to your bed in your office for the Defeat scene on your bed. Once at this point (and you’ve successfully serviced the guards in the 3 earlier steps), you’re free to win or lose this battle (in order to speed things up).

Once the battle-scene is over, and you wake up the next morning; Congrats! You should have gotten this very elusive title:


If for some reason you did not get the title, then reload the save before the bathroom event and try again from there. I am 100% certain the Bathroom is a required service for the title, I’m just not sure if the Defeat scene afterwards counts for it or not. Just keep up the attempts, and you’ll have this title in no time!

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