Killing Floor 2: How to Find Collectibles with Console Commands

This guide describes the general way to analyze and find locations of collectible items with console commands.



First, open a map on which you want to collect items.
Of course, you can open it by any means.

open kf-crash


Enable cheats in a lobby.
You can open a console generally with the ” ` ” key.


This is not a collecting phase but a finding phase.

You cannot unlock achievements during enabling cheats.


Type this command and no zeds move or disturb your work.

getall KFCollectibleActor name

You can see the names of all collectible items on the map.

Reference the names and type the following command to teleport.

gotoactor KFCollectibleActor_9

Now, you would teleport to the location of the collectible items.

Repeat this command for each item and remember the location.

Once you remember enough amount of item locations, reopen the map.


Then, begin to walk to collect items and unlock achievements.

Another Way?

The following command makes you take no damage. You can use it instead of “playersonly” but zeds keep moving so I suppose this way is not better.



The following command shows you the coordinates of the items’ location.

getall KFCollectibleActor location


And the next command below displays your current location.

displayall KFPawn_Human location

This procedure helps you find the items but is tough.

After finishing your work, type “disconnect” to return to the home menu or “exit” to return to the desktop.
Enjoy your life using commands.

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