Kindergarten 2: All Achievement Guide

This guide will help you get all the achievements in Kindergarten 2! If you like this guide check out my other ones to help you find all the Monstermon cards, outfits, and get all the endings!


A Tale Of Two Janitors
Complete “The Tale Of Two Janitors” mission.

Flowers For Diana
Complete the “Flowers For Diana” mission.

Hitman’s Potty Guard
Complete the “Hitman’s Potty Guard” mission.

If You Can Dodge A Nugget
Complete the “If You Can Dodge A Nugget” mission.

Opposite’s Attract
Complete the “Opposite’s Attract” mission.

Cain’s Not Able
Complete the “Cain’s not Able” mission.

Turning The Tables
Complete “Cain’s Not Able” mission by helping Ted. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Do everything the same during schoolyard time. When taking the assessment grab the spray bottle. Then leave to go to the dumb class and show the contract to Ted. Go to the Boy’s Bathroom and use the spray bottle on the spiders. Go to lunch and follow the same steps of the helping Felix ending.

Things That Go Boom
Complete the “Things That Go Boom” mission.

Breaking Sad
Complete the “Breaking Sad” mission.

Creature Feature
Complete the “Creature Feature” mission.

First Day Of School
Complete one day of Kindergarten.

What To Wear
Change your outfit using the closet in the bedroom.

Starting Your Monstermon Journey
Get your first Monstermon card.

Ready To Battle!
When you have at least 10 Monstermon cards you can make a deck using the Monstermon shelf in your bedroom. Do that, and you have this achievement!

Pewter City
During recess, challenge someone to a Monstermon battle and win.

Big League
Win against everyone in a Monstermon battle.

People you may miss:

  • Agnes (dumpster area)
  • Buggs (study hall)

Gotta Get ’em All!
Collect all 50 Monstermon cards.

Get all 30 outfits.

What Did It Cost?
Collect all 50 Monstermon cards and click the button next to the Monstermon shelf.

Common Decency
Get a cat from Agnes and try to microwave it in the Teacher’s Lounge. Talk until you get the text option, “You’re right. That’d be horrible.” Select it.

Cat Collector
Trade food for all three cats and give it to the proper owner.


  • Go through the “If You Can Dodge A Nugget Storyline”. Once it’s recess go to the dumpster and give Agnes the nuggets for her cat. Buy Ms.Applegate a soda so she will leave Nugget alone. Give Nugget the cat.


  • Go through the “Flowers For Diana” mission. When you get the vegan salad don’t give it to Felix. Keep it and skip to recess. Go to the dumpster area and trade the salad for a cat. Give the cat to Cindy.


  • Buy a burger at lunch. Make sure you have a passbook. Skip to recess. Go to the dumpster area and talk to Agnes. Trade the burger for a cat. Go to the boy’s bathroom and give the cat to the original hall monitor.

Hard Knock Life
Die in the game.

During the “Flowers for Diana” mission, Bob and Ms. Applegate will leave the playground. Follow them to the Teacher’s Lounge.

The Memories
Go through the “If You Can Dodge a Nugget” mission. When the Nugget Cave is built go to the dumpster area and pick the green flower. Go into the Nugget Cave and leave the flower at the altar.

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