Kindergarten 2: All Mission Endings Guide

As the title says this guide will help you get all the endings in Kindergarten 2. If there are any mistakes please let me know and I will try to fix them as soon as possible. ⚠️Spoilers⚠️


All Endings- Intro

Following the events of Kindergarten, Monday is over, and Tuesday begins (finally). Now let’s cause more mischief!

A Tale Of Two Janitors

School Yard-

Speak to the bald Janitor on the left. He says he doesn’t know the new Janitor’s name, so it’s your job to find out!

Go to the new Janitor and start a conversation. You will find out his name is Bob, and once the conversation is over, talk to the bald janitor to report back the information.

The Janitor gives you a declaration of war which you will give to Bob. Once you do this, tell the Janitor, and after your conversation, the bell rings, and it’s time for morning time.

Morning Time-

As soon as you enter the classroom, leave it (lmao). When you try to escape, Ms.Applegate will threaten you with study hall. Thankfully for us, we don’t care and leave anyways.

Go to the boy’s bathroom (the room next to your classroom) and talk to the Janitor. He will tell you that he needs an elevator key.

Leave the bathroom and try to go upstairs. Stevie, the hall monitor, will stop you and say you need a pass. Talk to the Janitor, and he gives Stevie a very convincing reason to let you go upstairs.

Go upstairs to the science room and talk to Monty; he will give you his key.

Go downstairs and give the Janitor the key. The bell will ring, and then it’s Lunchtime.


The Janitor talks to you via walkie-talkie, and once done, talk to Carla. Pay her $5 to distract the lunch lady and while she is distracted, leave the lunchroom.

Go upstairs and meet the Janitor in the women’s restroom. Talk to Janitor so he will give you a key. Once the key is obtained, go downstairs to the Boy’s bathroom and enter the Janitor’s closet.

Grab the chainsaw

Go back upstairs and give the Janitor the chainsaw to get a gift.

The bell rings, and now you have to pay for disobeying Ms.Applegate earlier. To study hall!

Study Hall-

Once you are in Study Hall, Dr. Danner tells you to be quiet and not cause trouble.

We want to use an apple or time slot so he can leave to room. (In other words, press enter once).

The Janitor will communicate to you to get rid of Bob’s head. Before you leave to follow the Janitor’s instructions, take a toy car from the toy bin.

Leave study hall and put the toy car at the bottom of the stairs.

Then, go to the cafeteria and dispose of the head in the trash bin. Penny will appear and starts to reprimand you for leaving study hall. When she asks why you’re in the cafeteria, say you’re looking for the Janitor. She asks you where he is, and you tell her he is upstairs. She will thank you and leave the cafeteria. When she leaves, you hear a bump, implying that she fell down the stairs. No thanks to us.

Go to study hall and use your last apple.


The Janitor will contact you again about hiding a dead body. Agree to help him.

Now you have to escape the gym.

Go to Jerome and Carla fighting over the ball. Help Carla grab the ball and boom! An escape.

Go in the hall, pick up the goo from the floor, and then head to the Janitors room. Grab the garbage bag and go to the cafeteria. Once in the cafeteria, exit it by using the doors all the way to the left.

Now you’re in the playground. Go to the wooden fence all the way up to reach the dumpster area. Talk to Janitor. He will try to put the bodies in the dumpster, but it turns out it’s locked. >:[

Go to the dumpster and bang on it. Doing this will make Agnes, the crazy witch lady, appear. Thankfully, all you have to do is give her the green goo, and she will let you hide the body in the dumpster.

This ends the day, and the Janitor gives you a tool belt.

Flowers For Diana

School Yard-

School starts and now it’s time to show the world your smarts. Talk to Dr. Danner and claim you’re not below average. He will tell you to prove it by collecting 5 flowers before the end of the day. Accept the challenge.

Next, talk to Nugget at the sewer gate. He’s stuck and he wants your help! Talk to the principal who will get her sister to watch him while waiting for the fire department to arrive.

Now back to flowers. Talk to Cindy and Carla about flowers. This will help you out in the future.

Once you’ve finished conversing talk to Monty and pay him $3 to let you push him up the ramp to the schoolyard.

School Yard (back area) –

Grab the blue flower

Go up the ramp and a fight between the two hall monitors will occur. By the end of the argument, the Og Hall Monitor (and personally my favorite character next to Cindy) will give you a Hall Pass that’s works through Morning time. Then the bell will ring and you will be brought to class.

Morning Time-

Speak to Cindy to get a love letter. Then, using your hall pass, head upstairs and deliver the letter to Felix (the blonde kid with the red tie.)

When talking to Felix he asks you whether Cindy is bad or not. Reply that she is not bad. And for our trouble, we get $3! (That could get you 60 sticks of Wrigley’s gum in the mid-1990s.)

Once kicked out of science class go in the girl’s bathroom and talk to Bob (didn’t we just kill this guy?) about getting Ms.Applegate flowers. The bell rings and now it’s Lunchtime!


Talk to the lunch lady about vegan food once Felix is done talking to you.

Then pay Carla $5 so she can distract Stevie.

While Stevie is gone go into the teacher’s lounge and collect the yellow flower.

Then once again, talk to the lunch lady and get a vegan salad.

Give the vegan salad to Felix and endure their cheesy pet names.


So Felix gives you some…plants…To put this to good use, plant it on the big tree and give it a nice shake once Penny is underneath the tree. After that, a cut-scene plays out and you get the purple and 3rd flower!

Then shortly after, Bob gives Ms.Applegate some red flowers (awww) which you can pick up after the cutscene.

Sell the contraband to Monty for $5 and go to the dumpster area to pick the green flowers. Then pay the $3 fee to go to science class.

Science Class

Now you’ve collected all the flowers but now you have to feed them to a plant named Diana in the correct order.

The order is:


Congrats you have completed another mission, and because of your smarts, you get an A+ card.

The Hitman’s Potty Guard

School Yard

To start off, speak to Felix (blue shirt). Apparently, they’re planning something against Ozzy but as soon as the juicy part comes up they notice you eavesdropping. Felix quickly shuts down the conversation.

So instead of talking to Felix talk to Teddy (red shirt).

Agree to talk to him in class and then buy a battery from Monty.

Talk to Cindy and tell her that Teddy needs help. She will give you gum that has to end up in another girl’s hair (lovely).

Give the gum to teddy and he will put it in Carla’s hair.

Talk to Carla and ask if she needs help. She will ask for scissors which you will get later and give you a vending machine coupon.

Morning Time

Talk to Felix. The plan is to kill Ozzy (yikes…) After talking give Ozzy the battery you bought so he could play with his toy.

Now the inhaler is unprotected but if you were to grab it now you will get caught.

Talk to Teddy about a distraction.

Take Teddy to Cindy and they will cause a distraction.

While Ms.Applegate breaks those two lovebirds apart, grab the inhaler and weed from the cubbies.

The hall monitor gives you a passbook and the bell rings.


You walk into the cafeteria and Teddy talks about occupying Ozzy’s usual stall so he can get stressed out. So yep… that’s the plan.

Before you do that though, purchase a burger.

Leave the lunchroom and have the lunch lady sign your pass.

In the hallway give the hall monitor weed so you can go upstairs later.

Go in the boys bathroom and use the bathroom stall all the way to the left. Ozzy gets stressed out and leaves the classroom (dude’s so dramatic).

Once Ozzy leaves, go upstairs to the vending machine and purchase scissors for $1. The recess bell rings.


You run into Ozzy and you find out he has a backup inhaler in his locker(damn).

Tell Teddy about this information. He says that he is allergic to green flowers. Thankfully there is one near the dumpster, so go ahead and get that.

Talk to Teddy again and bring him to Carla. Tell her that you got the scissors and before she agrees to help, you have to break Monty’s wheelchair.

Go to Monty and sell Ozzy’s inhaler, then destroy the wheelchair.

You will speak to Carla and then pay the $3 to go to science class.

Science Class

Talk to Cindy. She wants your flower and agree to give it to her if she helps you.

Go to the power outlet but don’t stick your fork in it. Instead, tell Cindy about it. Tell her to stick the fork in the power outlet.

The lights go out and use this time to leave the classroom.

Go to the orange locker and take Ozzy’s inhaler.

Go back to the classroom and take the flowers from Cindy’s corspe.

The lights turn back on and now shove the flower in Ozzy’s face (talk to him and show the flower).

Congrats! Now you have a murder count of 2 🙂 Also, you have a prestigious pin now I guess

Opposites Attract


Leave the bedroom with Bob’s toolbelt and the A+ card.

School Yard

Talk to Carla about smuggling things into the school. You’ll obtain a firework.

Talk to Penny; she will confiscate the firework(don’t worry, we want this).

Talk to Buggs and tell him that Penny took your stuff as well. He wants your help to get his knife back.

Agree to help him.

Now you need to get Penny’s trust. Talk to her once more and agree to be friends with her still. She’ll give you a friendship bracelet.

Talk to Buggs again and show him the bracelet to show that you became friends.

Lastly, speak to the principal and have lunch with her so you can get the Lunch Pass.

Go to the smart class.

Morning Time

At the beginning of class, you will have to take an assessment.

Before you do this, speak to Penny. Ask her where the contraband is hidden. She says it just disappears. Weird. She does tell you of a dolly whatsoever. The doll is in the toy chest, and maybe that doll will be the key to getting your contraband.

Take the quiz and select the toilet paper or spray bottle as your prize (wtf type of prize is this). Depending on what you choose will affect the way you get the doll.

Toilet Paper:

  • Go to the boy’s bathroom and clog the toilet.
  • Go to the dumb class.
  • Play house with Cindy, and you’ll get the doll.

Spray Bottle:

  • Go to the dumb class.
  • Agree to play house with Cindy for the doll.
  • Spray Cindy with the bottle twice, and you’ll get the doll.

Give Penny the doll, and she gives you the Floppy Disk that was on her back (interesting…)

Use an Apple


Buggs will ask you if you’ve found anything. Show him the disk.

Leave the cafe. The Lunch Lady will stop you but show her the pass.

The Principal greets you, and holy crap. We’re gone for 3 seconds and there’s a food fight. The Principal leaves the room to deal with the kids, and now’s your chance!

Insert the Floppy Disk into the computer and then use the printer to print the information.

Unlock the back door, and the Principal will come into the room again and bring you back to the cafeteria.

Talk to Buggs and show him the information. He gives it to Monty as their deal, but since Buggs has study hall you have to get the info from Monty.


Speak to Monty and ask all the questions.

Then go to the dumpster area and go through the back door of the Principal’s office.

Go to the girl’s bathroom and use the toolbelt to open the vent on the right of the wall.

Go inside of it to get to science class.

Go to the book all the way to the right and change the lesson to magnets.

Go to the playground and use the last apple. Use $3 to get to the science class.

Science Class

As Dr.Danner is teaching his lesson the magnet doesn’t work. Apparently, a gear is missing. Well, that’s the perfect excuse to leave the classroom.

Leave the class and tell Dr.Danner you’re looking for the gear. When you get into the hallway you see Carla and Buggs trying to open Penny’s locker.

You need to distract Penny so she doesn’t bust Carla and Buggs.

Go back to class and grab her doll. She will go up to you and say that she feels like someone is going through her locker. Give her the doll to come her down.

Go back outside and and get the gear from Carla. Give it to Dr.Danner and…just watch. Oh yeah and Monty gives you a laser.

If You Can Dodge A Nugget


Leave the Bedroom with Bob’s toolbelt and the Prestigious Pin.

School Yard

Speak to Nugget in Sewer Grate. He’s stuck and he needs help from a staff member. Speak to Bob about Nugget. Give him Bob’s Toolbelt.

Buy Lighter from Monty for $1.50.

Speak to Nugget again. Offer to show him a Flower.

Speak to Bob to get him to move out of the way.

Go to School Yard Ramp area and show Nugget the Flower. Speak to Nugget outside the Sewer Grate to learn about smuggling the Lighter into school.

Have Carla smuggle Lighter into school for $1.00.

Morning Time

Talk to Nugget. He wants a shovel to help build his Nugget Cave again. He then tells the teacher there are pills near the handicap ramp, causing her to leave class (good job Applegate.)

Leave the classroom and go to the boy’s bathroom.

Speak to the old janitor then head upstairs. The Hall monitor will stop you but show him the lighter in the blue locker and he will let you pass.

Go to the girl’s bathroom and speak to Bob. You will get the key. Give the Janitor the key and you will get the shovel.


Speak to Nugget and you will learn that he wants nuggets (what a surprise.)

Buy a burger from the lunch lady. Show your prestigious pin to Felix to get him to buy a burger as well.

With no more burgers left the Lunch Lady leaves to make more. Go behind the counter and get the nuggets.

Give the nuggets to Nugget. He starts banging his head against the wall because they are cold. Speak to him as he bangs his head against the wall.

Go to the teacher’s lounge and microwave the nuggets. Give them to Nugget.


Learning that Nugget has lied to her, Ms.Applegate grabs him and lifts him in the air.

Go to the teacher’s lounge and buy a soda and give it to Ms.Applegate to get her to back off.

Nugget digs his cave. Talk to him so he could put all the nuggets in the cave.

Go in the cave and take the leg with you.

Use the last apple.


At gym, you play a game of dodgeball. To successfully complete the mission you must win the game with Nugget.

Use the leg to block the throw.

Then move in the following order:

The day ends, and Nugget gives you his Monstermon plush.

Cain’s Not Able


Leave the bedroom with the A+ Card and Prestigious Pin.

School Yard-

Talk to Felix and show him your Prestigious Pin. Upon doing so Felix will give you a document which you then have to give to Ozzy.

Buy hand sanitizer from Monty and give it to Ozzy so he could read the document…except he can’t.

Talk to Monty and ask him to read the document. He will charge $6 but instead of paying ask him why he’s charging so much. After he explains why, tell him you can get the money and talk to Felix. He will give you the $6.

Go back to Monty and have him read the document for Ozzy.

When the bell rings go to the smart class.

Morning Time-

Speak to Felix about Ozzy to get the contract.

Then take the assessment and take toilet paper as your reward.

Next, leave the class to go the girl’s bathroom.

Clog the toilet with the toilet paper and talk to Bob and he will leave to get a plunger. While he is gone climb up the ladder and grab the jar of spiders.

The bell rings and you leave Dr.Danner wondering how the hell you got up on the shelf.


Talk to Felix and show him that you have the jar of spiders. Now you need someone to dig a whole.

Talk to Nugget. He says he needs a shovel and an arm(!?!??!). We can worry about the arm later, but the shovel we can get now.

Go back to Felix and get his hall pass. Then talk to Carla to get the janitor’s key.

Leave the cafeteria and go into the boys bathroom.

From the boys bathroom go into the janitor’s closet. Grab the shovel and now it’s recess.


Speak to Felix about who’s arm you’re going to get, then go into the dumpster area,

Talk to Agnes in the dumpster and give her your burger. At first, she will offer her cat but ask for something else. She will give you a passbook.

Talk to Felix again.

Monty will go into the cafeteria. Follow him.

He will go full Optimus Prime on the hall monitor and now you have an arm.

Pick it up and the bell will ring.

Gym Class

Give Nugget the arm.

Then go over to Carla and Jerome and side with Carla over basketball.

Jerome and Ms.Applegate will leave the gym. Follow them to the classroom next to the boy’s bathrooms.

Oh yea Ms.Applegate is a felon now. Or was she one already? Probably.

Take the stick from Jerome’s body and bring it to the playground. Give it to Felix and when prompted to drop the spiders in the hole. Poor Teddy.

The mission ends, and you get a strange chemical.

Cain’s Not Able (Alternate Ending)
Complete “Cain’s Not Able” mission by helping Ted. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Do everything the same during schoolyard time. When taking the assessment grab the spray bottle. Then leave to go to the dumb class and show the contract to Ted. Go to the Boy’s Bathroom and use the spray bottle on the spiders. Go to lunch and follow the same steps of the helping Felix ending.

Things That Go Boom


Leave the bedroom with the A+ Report Card, Penny’s Laser Beam, and the Monstermon Plushie.

School Yard

Speak to Carla and ask her if she wants the module. She will (I mean, who doesn’t want a tiny portable laser that can be a threat to many human lives if used properly) and will tell you to get a tissue for Jerome in hopes of getting an explosive (also a threat).

Talk to Cindy about being together and use an apple when Ouch comes up as an option. You will then get a tissue which you then have to give to Jerome.

When Jerome asks if you know why you’re at a different school, say no. You then will become friends, and he will ask to talk to Nugget about Lily and Billy.

Talk to Carla, and she will give you a screwdriver. While she distracts Bob, unscrew the sewer grate to free Nugget.

When the bell rings, choose to go to the smart class.

Morning Time

Talk to Carla to get a key to the handicap ramp. When you’re finished talking, complete the assessment and take toilet paper or the spray bottle as your reward.

Leave the class with Carla and go downstairs.

Stevie will stop you, but Carla will distract him.

Go to the schoolyard through the backdoor (on the right next to the dumb class) and inside the sewer grate.

Once inside go to the box all the way to the right and squeak the Monstermon plushie.

Talk to Lily and Billy about Jerome and then go back inside the school and tell the plan to Jerome and Carla.

The bell rings.


Talk to Carla and Jerome.

You need to get Jerome at that meeting, but you need a distraction. Time for a food fight.

Talk to Buggs about a food fight and Jerome will give Buggs his burgers. But you need one more, so buy another one from the lunch lady.

Leave the cafeteria and head to the Girl’s Bathroom. Knock on the stall to the right and start the meeting. Once the meeting is over use the screwdriver on the vent to science class.

Change the lesson the robotics. You will get caught and sent to Study Hall.

Study Hall

When prompted to select “okay” or “(say nothing)” click “(say nothing)”. Then use an apple to make Dr.Danner fall asleep.

Once asleep Carla will talk to you and Jerome. Take Carla to the Girl’s Bathroom. When you get there you will see the old janitor. He has the device but won’t give it to you unless you do him a favor.

During morning time you took an assessment and either grabbed a toilet paper roll or a spray bottle.

  • If you grabbed toilet paper bring it to the Boy’s Bathroom.
  • If you grabbed the spray bottle drop it off at the cafeteria.

Go back upstairs and talk to Carla. Then talk to the Janitor.

Go to the Janitor’s closet and get the device from the yellow bag.

Return to Study Hall and use an apple.

Pay to go to science class.

Science Class

Talk to Carla about defusing the deivce.

You need to talk to someone who has experience with explosives. Thank god for Monty.

Talk to Monty about deactivating the device and he will charge you $20. :,)

Since we don’t have $20, ask him if there is anything else we could do. And indeed there is, set him up on a date with Carla.

Talk to Carla about his terms and although she isn’t happy about it she will go through with it.

Talk to Monty again and he deactivates the listener on the device. Place the device underneath the hydraulic press and press the button to smoosh it.

Since Carla had enough parts to make 2 bombs shes gives you one of them. And it can even hide from Penny’s contraband raydar.

Now you have a bomb and a laser. Have fun

Breaking Sad


Leave the Bedroom with the Monstermon Plushie and Felix’s Strange Chemical.

School Yard

Talk to Ms.Applegate and make her angry.

Then talk to Cindy in this specific conversation path.

  • “I thought that we were together”
  • “I disagree, you’re pretty awful”
  • “I’m always ready for a domestic dispute”

Ms.Applegate will then attack Cindy.

Then, Buggs will talk to you about getting a firecracker.

Talk to Carla and get the firecracker by saying it’s easing to smuggle things in.

Talk to Monty and pay him to let you go through the yard’s back area.

Go into the school and go into the dumb class. Put the firecracker in your cubby(all the way on the left).

Morning Time

Go to your cubby and pop the firecracker. Once her rant is over leave the class and talk to Ms.Applegate who is by the cafeteria.

She wants Monty to make her pills.

Go upstairs to the smart class and talk to Monty. Give him the strange chemical. He also tells you that you need a chemistry set and hair samples.

Head downstairs and buy scissors from the vending machine. Then go back to class and tell Ms.Applegate what you need.


Monty will speak to you and give you his elevator key.

Then talk to Carla about sneaking in the firecracker. You impressed her, so she will help you get a chemistry set.

Buy a burger and leave the cafeteria.

Use the elevator to go to the area below the school.

Use the monstermon plushie on the box furthest to the right and Lily and Billy will appear.

Ask for a hair sample from Billy. He will say no and kick you out.


Recess starts with Ms.Applegate holding up Nugget and demanding his hair. So give Ms.Applegate your scissors.

Go inside the school through the cafeteria. Go into the dumb class and take the money from the cubby.

Go down the elevator. Lily and Billy are being attacked. Go to Billy’s head and get a few pieces of hair.

Go back to the playground and give Monty his elevator card.

Pay to go to science class.

Science Class

Speak to Monty and give him all the items. Then Monty will give you some items to distract your classmates.

First, give the green flower to Ozzy. Next, give the gem to Cindy. Lastly, give the doll to Penny.

Talk to Monty again and help him mix the drugs by mixing them with red.

The day will end, and Ms.Applegate will give you a remote control to control Penny with. That should come in handy.

Creature Feature


Leave the Bedroom with the Monstermon Plushie, Faculty Remote, and Carla’s Laser Bomb.

School Yard

Buy a battery from Monty and then go over to Penny and use the Faculty Remote on her. This sets Nugget free.

Go through the Sewer Grate and use the Monstermon Plushie on the box furthest to the right.

Give Billy the Faculty Remote.

Return to the schoolyard and get a lunch pass from the principal.

Morning Time

Billy will call you over. He is hanging from the ceiling. Continue to talk to him, and he will tell about a plan to kill Ms.Applegate. He will also give you the remote back and go over what the buttons do.

Talk to Buggs and use the green button to summon her.

Press the blue button to get Buggs his knife back. Talk to Buggs and get him to help kill Ms.Applegate.

Talk to Cindy and tell her the plan. She agrees to help if you put gum in a girl’s hair.

Press the green button and put the gum in Penny’s hair. Press the yellow button.


Billy will speak to you again and tell you more about the plan.

Talk to Carla and exchange the Laser Bomb for the Listening Device.

Go to Nugget and give him the jackhammer. Go in the tunnel.

Put the listening device underneath the table in the Teacher’s Lounge.

Once you’re kicked out of the Teacher’s Lounge, leave the Cafeteria with your lunch pass.

A small cutscene will play. When it’s over go with Lily to the Girl’s Bathroom.

Pick up the knife and stab Ms.Applegate.


Talk to Nugget and go into the Nugget Cave. There’s a monster blocking the entrance to the Underground Lab. You need to find someone to kill it.

Go back to the playground and go over to Penny and use your faculty remote on her. She will jump into the Nugget Cave.

Go to the dumpster area and talk to Carla about Penny. She will blow a hole in the Teacher’s Lounger which leads to the Janitor’s closet.

Talk to Bob. He will fight the monster.

Go to the dumb class and grab the doll from the toy box. Go back to the Nugget Cave and give Penny the doll.

Secret Laboratory

When you’re finished asking questions use the green switch and press the button. Next, go to Penny and use the red button.

Use the blue switch, move it left, and then press the button.

Use the red switch and press the button.

After the principal becomes mutated use the green switch to move it left. Then press the button.

Use the red switch to move it left twice and then press the button.

And that’s it! You’ve completed the game!

[Secret Ending]

There’s not much to say about this one. You have to get all 50 Monstermon cards and click the button next to the Monstermon shelf.

Have fun!

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