Kindergarten: All Quests and Achievements Guide

A guide through all quests and achievements in Kindergarten


Best Boyfriend Ever – Cindy’s Quest

-Start the day with $3.10 from your bank

-Buggs will approach you and demand half of your money, agree to this
-Tell the Ms. Applegate and agree to her request to start a fight with Buggs
-Provoke Buggs and when he starts to punch you, call for the teacher. Deny her further request to get more students in trouble.
-Go to Cindy and accept being her boyfriend
-Use the rest of your apples

-Go to Lily and stick the gum in her hair
-Go talk to Cindy. You will get told to wash the blood off your face.
-Go to the restroom, wash off the blood, and come back.
-Play house with Cindy. The best response here is “Yes Dear” to everything.

-At lunch the first thing you do is to get something to eat (Slop, McGlobs Sillymeal, Salad, Biscuit Balls)
-Go to Cindy and talk with her. She’ll make you get something “vegan” for her. A salad is $0.75.
-Cindy will want you to get something gross out of the janitors closet, agree to what she asks.
-Go to the closet and take the bucket of blood. Don’t mess with anything else and move quick.
-Go back and get sent out to recess by the lunch lady.

-Talk to Cindy.
-The two of you will set a trap to pour the bucket of blood on Lily.
-When you climb the playground equipment, pour the blood on Lily. (pouring it on Cindy instead you will get a Monstermon Card)

-Show the flower at Show and Tell

Cindy will allow you to keep the flower after school ends.
the flower is needed for other quest lines

Too Cool for School – Jerome’s Quest

This quest line will get you the key mold.

-Take $2.50-$3.00 from your bank (if you take $2.50, use 2 apples up in order to get to $3)
-Go to Monty and buy a yo-yo, cigarettes and the screwdriver.
-If you have any apples left, use them

-Go to Jerome and show him the yo-yo.
-Take the hall pass from him and start the distraction.
-When you’ve left the classroom and have shown the pass, go into the janitor’s closet
Inside, you will see a shelf with a box which has “stolen stuff” written on it
-Unscrew the screw in order to get the box to drop
-Grab the laser pointer and exit.

-Talk to Jerome
-Hide the laser pointer in the trash
-Talk to Jerome
-Jerome will pay off the lunch lady so you you can go to the bathroom.
-Give the hall monitor cigarettes.
-Get the laser pointer out of the bag next to the sink.
-Go back to the lunchroom.

-Talk to Monty, and get the strange device
-Place it behind the janitor.
-Talk to Monty again.

-Show something that won’t get you killed

At the end of the day Jerome will give you the key mold.
the key mold is required for other quest lines.

Teacher’s Pet – Ms. Applegate’s Quest

-Take $7 from your piggy bank

-Tell Ms. Applegate Buggs’ stole your money.
-Start a fight with Buggs.
-Call the teacher.
-Agree to get the other students in trouble.
-Buy a voice recorder from Monty
-Talk to Cindy
-Provoke Cindy

-Show the principal the tape.
-Buy a yo-yo.
-Talk to Jerome and agree to help him.
-Bring the hall pass to Ms. Applegate
-Talk to Nugget and say you want to be his friend
-Eat the nugget.
-If you have any apples left, use them up to skip to lunch.

-Talk to Monty.
-Talk to Nugget and get a nugget.
-Give the nugget to Buggs and convince him to eat it by telling him Cindy called him a sissy.
-Get the antidote from Nugget.
-Talk to the janitor and tell him that Monty corrected him.
-Ask the lunchlady if you can go to the bathroom.
-Give her the glasses.
-Knock on the principal’s door in front of Lily and tell the principal that she was eavesdropping on him.

-Talk to Nugget and go down his Nugget Cave.
-Pick up the dog’s corpse.
-Show the dog to Ms. Applegate.

Ms. Applegate will give you a lunch pass.
The lunch pass is needed for other quest lines.

Nugget Hoarder – Nugget’s Quest

-Take $1.00 from your piggybank.
-Grab Cindy’s Flower

-Talk to Monty, buy a yo-yo.
-Talk to Cindy and agree to put the gum in Lily’s hair.
-Show Lily the gum.
-Talk to Nugget and tell him you want to be his friend.
-Show him the flower.
-Use any remaining apples.

-Talk to Nugget.
-Talk to Jerome and give him the yo-yo.
-As he’s distracting the teacher grab the nugget from the cubby.
-Give the nugget to Nugget.
-Deliver his poem to Lily.
-Talk to Nugget again.
-Use any remaining apples.

-Talk to Nugget
-Give the nugget to Buggs and convince him to eat it by telling him Cindy called him a sissy.
-Talk to Nugget.
-Talk to Lily.
-Use any remaining apples.

-Talk to Nugget
-Put the device behind the statue of the principal.
-Talk to Lily about Billy.
-Give Ms. Applegate the doughnut that Lily gave you.
-Talk to Nugget.
-Enter the cave.
-Place the flower at the memorial.

-Show one of the nuggets.

After school Nugget will give you the note from Billy.
the note is needed in Lily’s Quest

Super Bully – Buggs’ Quest

You need 3.10$ and the Lunch Pass from Ms. Applegate.
You will stab Ms. Applegate and get her Phone at the end.

-Take $3.10 from your piggybank.
-Grab the Lunch Pass
-Tell Ms. Applegate, don’t agree to start a fight with Buggs.
-Talk to Nugget and pester him about Billy until you get sent to the principal’s office.

-Tell the principle that you miss Billy.
-Give the Teacher a pill, either for profit or out of the goodness of your heart.
-Grab the strange device out of a cubby.
-Grab the nugget from the cubby.
-Talk to Buggs, he will give you a knife.
-Talk to Monty and pay him for a distraction using the device. ($1.50)
-Talk to Buggs and tell him that you have a distraction.
-Stick it under one of the front tables.
-Have lunch with Ms. Applegate.

-Activate the distraction.
-Stab Ms. Applegate

-Talk to Buggs.
-Talk to Nugget
-Hide the knife in the cave.

Buggs will give you the phone during show and tell.
The phone is needed for other quest lines.

Money Bags – Monty’s Quest

-Take lunch pass and key mold with you.

-Talk to Monty and ask for the key.
-Sell the hall pass. (+$3.00)
-Buy a yo-yo.
-Use one of your apples (+$0.25)
-Ask Nugget about Billy.

-Get the pills from the principle.
-Sell a pill to Ms. Applegate. (+$1.00)
-Sell the pills to Monty. (+$4.00)
-Give the yo-yo to Jerome
-When Jerome causes a distraction, leave the classroom.
-Go to the janitor’s room and take the money from the box in the bottom left corner. (+$5.00)
-Leave the room.

-Sell the pass to Monty. (+$5.00)
-Talk to Cindy to get the gum.
-Use all 4 apples. (+$1.00)

-Put the gum in Lily’s hair.
-Talk to Cindy, she will give you a reward. (+$3.00)
-Get 1 Monstermon Card from the duck riddle or pick it up from behind the slide.
-Use your 3 remaining apples. (+$0.75)

-Show your Monstermon Card at Show and Tell.

Buy the key from Monty when he approaches you after school.
the key is needed for other questlines

Savior of the School – Lily’s Quest

-Get $3.00 from your piggy bank.
-Grab the phone (Buggs’ storyline),
he Key (Monty’s storyline), and
the Letter from Billy (Nugget’s storyline).

-Talk to Lily and tell her that you’ve heard about Billy.
-Show her the note.
-Bring the letter to Monty, he will charge you $1 to decipher it.
-Buy cigarettes.
-Talk to Lily and tell her there is a hatch in the principal office.
-Talk to Nugget and question him about Billy to get sent to the principals office.

-Tell the principle that you miss Billy and get the pills.
-Check the rug in the principles office.
-It doesn’t matter if you give Ms. Applegate the pills.
-Talk to Lily and let her know that you found the hatch.
-Get the restroom pass.
-Go to the restroom.
-Check all 3 stalls in the restroom.
-Talk to the janitor.
-Tell him that he has to clean the stall and that the other stalls are in use.
-Get the severed finger from the bloody bag.

-Talk to Monty and get the code from him.
-Talk to Lily and show her the severed finger.
-Go to the restroom.
-Give the hall monitor the cigarettes.
-Go to the principles office.
-Lily will say there is no code on the hatch.
-Go to the left side of the principals desk and put the code in it.
-Grab the key from the desk.
-Use the key to unlock the hatch.
-Go into the hatch.
-Go over to the panel on the left side of the room.
-The code for the panel is: yellow, red, yellow, green
-When the principal comes in, press the blue button.

Lily and Billy will give you a Monstermon Card after school.

All Monstermon Cards Locations

Cactus Outlaw
-Bring a dollar to school.
-Buy the cigarettes from Monty.
-Give them to Buggs.

Freezy Guy Jim
-Go to nugget and ask about Billy until you are sent to the office.
-Say “I guess I am” to get the pills.
-Give the pill to Ms. Applegate.
-Get the card that’s in the cubby.

Martian Orb Man
-Do Ms. Applegate’s quest, with slight changes.
-Don’t buy the yo-yo.
-Talk to Ms. Applegate after talking with Jerome to search the cubbys.
-Grab the knife.
-NOW buy the yoyo.

-Stab Buggs instead of giving him the poison nugget.
-Get Monty taken out by the janitor. eliminated.
-Give the lunchlady his glasses.
-Go outside to the hallway where Buggs crawled.
-Collect the card from the tile in front of his body.

King Tower Beetle
-Give the magnifying glass to Nugget for this card.

Shroom Turtle
-Give Buggs the breathalizer or flask during recess.
(these can be collected if you fight with Cindy during your playdate)

Giraffe Serpent
-Start Cindy’s quest, and get the gum.
-Ask Nugget about Billy until you get sent to office.
-Say “I guess I am”.
-Put gum in Lilly’s hair.
-Play house with Cindy.
-Argue with her and when asked about the baby, say abort it and give her a pill.

Litterally Grass
-Go behind the playground and grab this card.

Oh Faka Tornado
-Take $1.75 from your piggybank.

-Follow Cindy’s quest.
-When you’re sent to get the bucket of blood, get the note from the box in the bottom left instead. —-Show the note to Cindy.
-Show the note to Monty.
-Show the note to Cindy.

Really Bright Star
-Do Cindy’s quest.
-Dump the blood on Cindy rather than Lily.

Doom Jelly
-Do not talk to Cindy until lunch.
-She will ask you to put gum in Lilly’s hair.
-Talk to Monty.
-Tal to the janitor and inform him that he spelled it wrong.
-Give the glasses to the lunch lady.
-Go out the door and put the gum in Lilly’s hair.
-Go back to Cindy and she will give you this card.

Blue Eyes Gold Dragon
-Complete Lilly’s quest.

Holy Knight
-Bring 3 dollars to school.
-Buy yo-yo.
-Do Jerome’s quest.
-Instead of grabbing the laser pointer, grab the money in the box.
-At lunch sell the pass to Monty for 5$.
-Use your remaining actions during lunch.
-Buy the card from Monty at recess.

Faptain Calcon
-Use the lunch pass.

Wall of Castle
-Get sent to the principal’s office.
-Check the trash can in the corner.

Magical Airship
-Buy the silly meal from Monty at lunch for 2.50.
-Show it at Show and Tell in order to get the card.

Eye of the Buttholder
-Ask to use the restroom during the morning.
-Check all the stalls.
-Talk to the janitor and have him clean up the one stall.
-Check the box in the middle for this card.

-Do Jerome’s quest.
-Instead of going to the closet, go to the bathroom.
-Talk to the janitor until he ask’s about a pass.
-Show him the master pass.
-Say that you only wanted the pass.

-These are the choices you need to make
What’s in those bags?
Those bags.
It’s bleeding.
How did that judgement get passed down?
Sounds riveting.
I’m morbidly curious.
But it’s okay for me to see bloody bag in a bin?
A nickle wont cut it.
Give me more, or I’m telling about the bloody bag.
Applegate is expecting me back.
Show pass.
That’s right.
I don’t really care. I just wanted the pass.

Evil Thwarter
-During Cindy’s quest, get her a biscuit that the janitor sells at lunch when she wants something “vegan.”
-Talk to the janitor once you’ve given Cindy the biscuit.

Spikey Flim Flam
-Bug Nugget about Billy until you’re sent to the office.
-When talking to the principal, this is what you need to say.

Who told you that?
I’m not sad about Billy.
I’m not.
Me and billy were friends.
We got into fight.
Monstermon cards.

Uneaten Cake
-During lunch, ask for slop.
-Throw it away.

Tornado Fly
-Use the screwdriver on the air vent outside the closet to get the card.

Wizard Worm
-This card is in the Nugget Cave, by the wall.

Cyclops Duckling
-Complete the duck riddle during recess.

Sneaky Snake
-Get into the janitor’s closet.
-Grab the card in the box.

Oglebump Golem.
-This card is under Nugget’s table during lunch.

World Ender

-Grab your completed deck of Monstermon Cards.

-Complete any of the quests that will give you safe access to Nugget’s cave.
-Use the Monstermon card pack on the sign in the cave.
-End the world, you monster.

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