Kindergarten: World Ender Achievement Guide

Guide on how to get the World Ender achievement!


Important Note!

You’ll need all 25 monstermon cards, if you don’t have them you cannot get this achievement!

Step-by-Step Guide

You’ll need to take the stack of monstermon cards in the middle of the room to school

Then you do Nugget’s quest normally:
-Take Cindy’s flower to school
-Give the flower to Nugget, as an offering of friendship
-Gain the trust of Lily by showing her the piece of gum Cindy gives you
-Buy a yoyo from Monty
-Talk to Nugget at morning time
-Give the yoyo to Jerome
-While Jerome is distracting the teacher, grab the nugget out of the cubby
-Talk to Nugget, he will give you a love letter to give to Lily
-Give the love letter to Lily
-Talk to Nugget
-Talk to Nugget at Lunch
-Feed Buggs the poisoned nugget
-Talk to Nugget
-Talk to Lily, she’ll give you a donut
-Talk to Nugget at recess
-Place the device behind the statue and then talk to Lily
-Give the teacher a donut so she doesn’t send you to the principal’s office
-Enter the Nugget Cave

Now, interact with the wooden sign at the back of the cave

Present the stack of monstermon cards

Now you have the achievement!


^ This is the way I did it but you can get the achievement in other ways too, as long as you go inside the Nugget Cave, that’s a key step!

Example: Teacher’s Mission

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