Landfall Archives: How To No-Clip In Playful

This Guide Will Teach You The Steps On How To “No-Clip” And What Maps You Can Do It On In Playful!


What Is A No-Clip And What Does It Do?

The “No-Clip” or “NoClipping” is a phrase used when someone or something falls through a wall, floor, roof etc. So in simpler manner, Danny Phantom’s wall phasing powers.

Step 1: Finding The Spot

For this demonstration, I will be using the map Hall Ball.

First, Approach any wall

Step 2: Doing The No-Clip

After you find your wall, walk straight into it. Then, take a few steps back. After taking a few steps back, hold W (Default Forward Key), Jump (Press Space), And press Shift (Default Dash Key). So just: Move ForwardJump and Dash.


If you have done all the steps correctly, you should be on the other side of the wall.

What’s The Purpose?

After reading through the steps. You now may ask: “Why would I do such thing?” and “What purpose would it serve?” Well dear reader, the purpose of the No-Clip is to: 1. Show Off 2. DUKE out your opponents 3. Sneak Attacks 4. For the memes and for the pranks.

Extra Things To Know

The No-Clip Can Only Be Performed On Certain Maps. Here is a list of all the Clippable Maps and Unclippable Maps.

Hall Ball
Box Box Ball
Box Ball
Forest Ball
Ball Ball
Fort (Some Of The Walls)

The Only Areas Im Aware Of You Can Clip Into On Fort Is:

Here, The Side Of The Blocks Connected To The Small “Bridges.”
And Here, Those Pillars Connected To The 2 Middle Blocks

You can also No-Clip into the trees in…
Forest Ball:
Ball Ball:
And Hall Ball:

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