Late for Class Variety King: Movement Tips & Tricks

Some movement mechanics tips and tricks to improve your run time (or beat the game for the first time)!


Mechanics Tips

The game starts with a surfing mechanic. This is a pretty good tutorial, first minute is all you need for this game.

There’s also Bunnyhopping, another Source Engine movement mechanic.
Autojump is automatically enabled in-game, so just hold Jump and strafe in mid-air. Here’s something close to a tutorial:

All other mechanics are not that complex and should be ‘learn on the fly’ type of challenge. Remember, there’s a Training mode that you can access from the Pause Menu or walk into the room on the left on spawn. Switch between training modes with 1-9 and use the Pause Menu to quit training.

More tips:

  • when on the toy car, press Jump, rotate back a bit and then boost. Hold boost to fly higher, let go to drop down. Use WASD and Q/E (default controls) to rotate the car to fit through obstacles.
  • car flying is similar to Rocket League, but not 1-to-1. The car doesn’t instantly stop rotating like in RL, there’s more ‘weight’ to every rotation you make.
  • jumping in 3D and 2D have the same max jump charging time.
  • careful with golfing in 3D, charging time is the same as jumping, but max charge is way too powerful of a shot, it’s better to undercharge as there are unlimited shots.
  • to golf in 2D, click and pull the mouse in the opposite direction of where you want the ball to go. You can hit the ball multiple times while it’s in the air, but each shot is less powerful.
  • flapping is just 1 button flapping, like Flappy Bird, it will boost you up, default key is Space.

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