Late for Class Variety King: Optimization (FPS Boost on Old PCs)

Settings to change to play smoothly even on a potato PC!


Settings to change

This game uses Unreal Engine 5 and DX12. Some features may cause extreme lag on older PCs.

If you played for >5 mins (until shaders compiled) and still notice lag spikes or very low FPS, go to Video settings, all biggest settings that can boost performance are in the first subcategory.

  • DYNAMIC GLOBAL ILLUMINATION SYSTEM – put to NONE to disable UE5 Lumen (very big FPS boost).
  • WATER QUALITY – put to LOW (also very big FPS boost)
  • ANTI-ALIASING METHOD – putting to FXAA can have a big effect on FPS, but less than the previous two settings.
  • REFLECTION METHOD – put to OLD (UE4) for small FPS boost.
  • RESOLUTION SCALE – drop resolution to 75% or 50% for massive FPS boost.

With those settings changed you should be able to play even on a potato PC (like the one I developed the game on!).

By dex

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