Legends of Idleon MMO: Best Gem Upgrades

These are the most necessary gem upgrades you should get and the order you should buy these upgrades.



  • These are the best options to spend your gems.
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Things You Should Buy

  • Extra Card Slots
  • Storage Chest Space
  • Item Backpack Space
  • Carry Capacity
  • Daily Teleport

Limited Specials

  • Random Wing Equip
  • Star Blobulyte Keychain

World 1- 2

  • Infinity Hammer
  • Brimstone Forge Slot
  • Bleach Liquid Cauldron
  • Ivory Buble Cauldron

World 3

  • Crystal 3D Printer
  • Tower Building Slots
  • More Sample Space

World 4

  • Royal Egg Club
  • Souped Up Tube
  • Ritchelin Kitchen (get thes by how much kitchen you have)

Things You Can Buy

  • Subclass Swap Token
  • 4 Star Cardifier
  • Zen Cogs
  • Console Chips
  • Mainframe Jevels
  • Sigil Supercharge
  • Burning Bad Books
  • Fenceyard Space

Things You Shouldn’t Buy

  • Any Time Candy
  • Any Cosmetic
  • Arcade Balls
  • Star Talent Reset
  • Regular Talent Reset
  • Wekkly Dungeon Boosters
  • More Food Slots
  • Premium Stones
  • Any Obol Stacks
  • Cog Inventory Space
  • Fluorescent Flaggies
  • Pet Storage
  • Pandoras Office Box
  • Any Card Pack

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