Legends of Idleon MMO: Hunter Guide (How to Reach 100M+ EXP Quickly)

On this guide I will show you where to focus on to maximize your Hunter potential.


Some flexing

To motivate you, this is my hunter:

Remember that this is after 8 or 9 months of play. I spent around 80€ in the game during this time. I bought the hat event packs, starter pack and some gems to gamble some Obols.

Why Hunter main?

Why everybody use hunter as their main? Hunter has the UwU skill that reduces the respawn times of the enemies. After using it and killing a mob it will respawn in 2-3 seconds. Hunters kills per hour is much higher than the rest of classes.

Maximize the exp/h

Kill Rams asap

Try to reach Rams on World 3 and start killing them as soon as possible. Even if you can’t one hit them you will get a massive amount of experience. You will have to take care with Crystals damage.

Cap your minimum damage

Lets say you are hunting Rams. They have 1,250,000 HP so the exp peak will be after reaching 1.25m minimum damage with bow, then the next step will be to cap it with the spear. More info later.

Max ur Bear traps

More traps = more kills/h. After the ‘smart traps’ patch you will not cast them on useless places :O
So, at level 100>5 traps, at level 120>6 traps and at level 150>7 traps.
Improve your buildings and level up the Salt Lick upgrade to reach 150 asap.


Crystal enemies have x15 HP but they also give x35 exp. Improve your crystal spawn chance from the Drop Post office Box, Star Talent, Poop Card and Crystallin Stamp.

Why Rams?

After the World 3 patch Dedotated Rams are one of the strongest mobs on the game.
They need only 2,250 accuracy to reach 100%. Crystals 5,625. This is a relativelly low amount, Neyeptunes need 5,100, 12,750 crystals >.<The map is flat, no need to climb to reach Rams. Also all the traps will be useful and it’s easier to multihit them with the Piercing Arrow

Rams map has a very good amount of enemies and its respawn time is pretty good. Bloodbones map, however, has less enemies and they respawn slower. They give x2 exp but they have x8 HP

Weapon Power (WP) vs AGI

WP is the biggest source of damage in the game. Basically, more WP = more damage per WP point.

At start, adding 1 WP to your character will give you 100-200 or even 1,000 damage. Later, and with more WP stacked, a sigle point can give you 50,000 or 60,000 damage!

Agility will give you also a good amount of DMG. After leveling your Garb talent you will get an insane amount of AGI from your gear.

Both are important, but WP>AGI when possible.

How to stack WP
  • Weapon: Better weapon = WP = more dmg, it’s magic!
  • Talents: SUPER IMPORTANT. The synergy between those two talents is crazy (this also applies to other classes but jman) Limbs will boost every source of WP.
  • Stones: Enchant stones. Use Stone III always for safe enchanting (only weapon one gives WP). Endgame players will use Stone C and warps to enchant extra WP on their gear.
  • Cards: Pincer and Rams cards%dmg cards can give you more dmg.
  • Obols: This is a very big source of WP. Not only combat obols give WP, other high Tier Obols can also give some.

WP Gear

Gear is not important (but the weapon :P), slots are important. More slots = more chances to roll WP on your gear.

You can use Mystery stones to roll WP on it but is almost impossible to be so lucky. If you see somebody with perfect mystery gear 99.999999% sure they are cheaters or savescummers.

The ‘safest’ way to add WP on your gear is useing Warp Stones (for weapons) and Stones C for armor. Both are very rare so do not waste them!

Don’t waste Stones!

Its very hard to get them. So, please, think before using them:

  • Do not use them on AFK characters (is very easy to cap AFK dmg without WP)
  • Do not use them after missing one. You want perfect items, if you already missed one you will not be able to maximize the WP source on that item.
  • Try to use them on +1 slot gear. Very endgame thing! You can craft gear with +1 slot by leveling up the Post Office Blacksmith Box.
Warped Weapon Upgrade Stone

You can only get them from some quests and Guild Giftbox.

Armor Upgrade Stone C

You can only get them from the Guild Giftbox, some bosses and unique quests.

You can get x6 Stone C after finishing the Meel quest (one time per character), you need to collect 777 bonemeal by killing boops (secret sewers area)

Killing Biggie Hours and King Doot. Buy everyday the material for the Doot Key (Amarok map shop). Remember to equip Drop Rate cards before killing the boss.

My Gear

I rolled all my Stones C during the streams so I can assure you that getting those items are possible.

  • Helmet: Grandma is the best helmet, you can farm them. Getting 4/4 is not that hard and you will get some extra exp. Notice that it gives you no DEF. You can use Plat or Dementia helmet at start.
  • Weapon: Void is the best bow, nothing to say here. Mine has no warps, I will use them after crafting a second bow (im jsut lazy). I recomend to go safe the first time and use Stone III on it.
  • Chest: Efaunt armor is very cheap and has 6 slots plus some mastery (to cap faster the dmg) O_O I was very unlucky here, got 2/6. I am saving more stones to try a new one.
  • Amulet: Blugeon is a bit expensive due the glass shards but it comes with 4 WP + 3 slots. Very easy to get 3/3
  • Pants: I use doot pants because are easy to get, comes with 4 slots and gives you +10% def. Also 4/4.
  • Boots: Dementia for the same reason, easy to craft, 4 slots and +7% def. Not perfect here, 3/4.
  • Rings: Death Wish or Efaunt Ring. DW comes with 4 WP and 4 slots. I got 3/4 on both. Efaunt’s come with 3 WP and 4 slots. Both options are ok.


The hard part, where so many people have so many questions. Is not that hard! almost everything on Alchemy is important and useful for something.

So, what to level up? I will answer with another question: What you want to focus on?

Some people focus on everything, some on skillers, some on the miner, some on damage, I focus on Hunter, thats why I will explain what I level to improve it. I will ignore cost reduction bubbles, base damage, mastery and such. They are good also.


Now, I basically ignore all the other Bubbles.

Lets start:

Yellow Bubbles

GRIND TIME, Ofc! This power bubble will give you more exp when killing mobs. It takes a lot of time to get such level. I reccomend buying it at least one time every day. Later you can buy 2 or 3 times per day.

LARRRRRRRY!!!! This bubble is VERY important. It gives you a chance to get +2 levels instead of 1 everytime you level up a bubble. Is very expensive (specially if you didnt farm millions of snelbies with your hunter while waiting for World 3 release) but there is a trick. Later!

Green Bubbles

SWIFT STEPPIN, Agility is always good, now with the 3D printer copper is VERY easy to get.

ARCHER OR BUST, This bubble is VERY powerful. It multiplies the bonuses given from allt he other green bubbles. Very easy to reach x2, from there the increment is ver very low. Caps are also easy to get now with the 3D printer.

HAMMER HAMMER, You will be able to make tons of Thread with this and level up your Smithing much faster to increase your Veins Talent bonus DMG

FAT BOI TALENT, Get extra talent point for each of your Hunter (and bowman, and jman) Tab. With the bonus from Archer or Bust, you will get 2 or 3 points per level! No need to explain why 100+ extra points on each tab are useful.

Damage Bubbles

Level Up this Bubble when you can to get some extra damage.

Trick to level up expensive Bubbles

Now is very easy to reach crazy levels on expensive bubbles. Use the Bargain Tag from the Liquid Shop!

You can reach up to 90% discount on a bubble. I buy this two times per day. It dont need to be 90%, 70-80% should be ok at start. A bubble that need 100,000 flies will only need 10,000!


Active Builds
  • Bow Newbie
  • Bow Pro
    Add the 360 if you have enough dmg
  • Spear
    Remember to remove 360 or your char will not cast traps (you need bow to cast 360)
My Talents

Notice that this is a lvl 180+ talent build. Books priorities are the same as the talent priorities. You only need to rush books 150 if you want an extra trap.

Must have talents


  • Axe + Sword. Main sauce of DMG.
  • Add points on MP to reach around 500 to sustain the active skills cost, you can combine this with the Tab 2 MP talent, if you run out mana you will not be able to cast the skills.


  • Limbs to boost WP effect.
  • Veins for extra dmg, based on your smithing level.
  • Piercing Arrow, 80>4 mobs / 120>5 mobs
  • Garb. Big boost of dmg. Basically for each AGI point in your gear you will get 2 or 3+. Using premium helmet + ring full of AGI stones will give you a lot of AGI. Depending on your overall gear AGI leave this for the last.
  • Add points on HP+MP to reach around 500 to sustain the active skills cost, you can combine this with the Tab 1 MP talent, if you run out mana you will not be able to cast the skills.


  • Bear Trap, very good dmg and can kill many mobs! 90>5 traps / 120>6 traps / 150>7 traps
  • UwU the talent that defines the Hunter! give around 85p
  • Looty Mc Shooty a super bug source of DMG. You have to literally drop and pick every item in the game. If you didnt, maybe now is a good moment to start recrafting everything, doing some quests and rebuying shop stuff. REMEMBER drop and pick everything!

Good talents


  • AGI for extra DMG
  • Broken Time to level up your smithing faster.
  • Featherweight to move faster and reach Rams faster. Not so good at start.


  • Kung Fu Kick for some extra damage.
  • Strafe, at least 1p for some move speed.
  • Have Another to shoot an extra arrow, useful vs crystals. Useless with spear.
  • AGI for some extra DMG


  • Have another again, same one extra arrow vs crystals.
  • AGI for some extra DMG
  • 360 very powerful when you have some millions of dmg. Also the Hunter skill with the highest %dmg, good to score nice High Hits!
  • Eagle Eye, for trapping 80-100p here.
If you need talents


  • Some points on critical.
  • AFK exp if you plan to leave the game AFK. Playing with Hunter the game runs at 1-5 FPS after 20-30 min and sometimes crash. I switch to AFK during night, around 33m/h.


  • Focused Soul to level up faster the smithing.


  • Obols boost if you have many AGI obols. Probably this will not be useful.
  • Root for Tower Defense.
Other Talents

Remember that you can use the Star Player + Acme Anvil talents trick to get extra Star Talent points and smithing points.

Star Talents
  • Crystal to spawn more crystals.
  • Hemoglobin is cool to get some healing.
  • Begginer Best Class cool to get extra WP!
  • Pulsation MP regen.
  • Eldest for some extra points.
  • Chungus for some extra LUK.
  • Just EXP… for EXP
  • If you go pure active Tick Tock and Simmer talents are useless.

Cards and Star Signs


This is the final build to active farm Rams. 4 exp cards + 3 active exp cards + Poop card to spawn more cystals

Use this build after capping the dmg. If you can’t, remove the owl card and add the Dr.Defecaus card (or your best card to get extra damage)

If you cant cap the crystal accuracy with other sources add the Sand Caste card or another accuracy card.


If you want to play Hunter AFK only or hybrid use this set.

Max DMG Display

This build will maximize the amount of damage displayed.

Max DMG Hit

This build will maximize the highest hit done. Before, the maximum hit visible on the screen was 999,999 now is 9,999,999 so you will never see more than that. You can check your highest hit ont he World 2 task page.

Star Signs

+15% Class EXP when active
Then choose between move speed, WP or what you like the most.


This is very simple WP>All

Focus on WP then Agility. Try to slowly improve your obols. I think that spending some gems on Obols packs is a good way to boost your damage and skillers. Never waste your gems on cards.

I spent some real cash on Obols and all the gems from last event. This is a very endgame feature and it takes an absurd amount of time to reach this without spending gems. You DONT need to rush this. Also I broke allt he STR/WIS/Boss obols from other chars to get enough fragments to fuse everything. My other DMG chars are empty since I focus only on the Hunter.

Remember to focus on WP first, then AGI. You can boost the AGI from Obols with the Tab 3 ‘Shoeful of Obol’ Talent. Not a very important talent.

Post Office

You want to focus on Utility and Drop


Here you want the EXP. Def will also help on Rams.


Here you want the crystal spawn chance to get more exp/h. LUK will also give you an almost useless amount of extra exp. The DR is not specially useful when farming exp.


I am going now for the Mana box to get cooldown reduction on my active skill, so I can cast UwU more often.

You can also add some on smithing.


You can use up to 6 food slots (from shop and W3 merits)

Golden Kebabs area good source of dmg. You can farm them by doing the Picnic Quest

The golden Meat Pie can help you with some extra DEF

At start you will need to add some Healing food. Rams hit hard but crystal hits are crazy.

EXP potions. Rams drop the Average one, if you have more chars on Rams you will have an unlimited source. Small ones are harder, you can get 600 per day from Amarok map shop.

You can add DMG and Move Speed potions to complete your food.

Statues and Stamps

I will not enter in detail here. Just improve your dmg stuff as much as possible.

Prayers and Shrines


I have the Giants prayer, but I focus only on the Unending Energy prayer.

To level fast this prayer try to push the Goblin TD to lvl 60-70 and 80 and invest all the souls on it. I will keep doing this until reaching 200%. Why? why not 😛

With arround 800 total charge (using the Wizard) you can get more than 100,000 souls per day at wave 80!


Shrines boost is crazy!

Try to unlock all the shrines and use them on the Rams map (moving them to another map will not reset the level but will reset the experience on current level, care!)

At start I would reccomend adding all your chars farming rams to increase their level fast. Claiming all that AFK exp will boost your shrines levels a lot! and their bonus is multiplicative O_O

The crystal/giants and spwan shrines do not work (24/7/21) but you can level up them and wait for an update.

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