Lessons in Love: All Answers List (V0.28.0)

Here are the answers to solve all the puzzles in the Lessons in Love game, if you need them, just use them for free.


Lessons in Love All Answers (Credit to Frae)

Book 1.

Book 2.

Book 3.

Book 4.

Book 5.
There won’t be an answer right away, open this book, click out, go to the telephone booth and call 08023231234, after that reopen Book 5 and select Coffee

Book 6.
marsh warbler

Book 7.

Book 8.
1788, green, 80, 4, 31, magpie, perception

Book 9.
Open the book, read thru it, you’ll get a vip pass, open the laptop and choose unlock all answers, after that choose Callous, reopen Book 9 and you’ll get the key. If you chose Calm, you’ll need to eat Live Squid 10 times under Eat Something tab, then reopen Book 9.

For the last piece of the key, you’ll need to eat White Rice 23 times.

In the laptop menu, winning lottery numbers are 157842 for secret Ami scene, this is missable.


Lessons in Love 0.28.0 update is now available on January 5, 2023.

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  1. Thank you! Some of these puzzles are actually fun, but when you’re going through thousands of lines in old scenes to only maybe find something that is somewhat relevant to the task at hand it’s just tedious.


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