Little Goody Two Shoes: Fast Way to Farm Suspicion (Forsaken Achievement Guide)

How to get max level of suspicion in one day and get the “Forsaken” achievement.



Hello! In this guide, I’ll be explaining how I gained max suspicion from zero in one day in the fastest way I could find – if you know better ways to do so, you can let me know.

One important condition for this guide, however, is that you have to reach Friday to be able to do it.

If you don’t care about the spoilers, skip the next paragraph.

If you don’t want to get spoiled, save your game on the Friday morning when you reach the town and don’t overrite it, that’s where you’ll begin farming for this achievement. Play normally to see through the story, reach Friday night, make another save, then load the morning save and start farming as I’ll describe below.

Friday afternoon – Church

Skip time until afternoon however you like. Now you should have an objective on your map – ‘Attend the Village council in church!’ Go to church.

In there, when given the dialogue options, reply with the following:

  • Th-That’s not…
  • How dare you insinuate…!
  • What gives you the right?
  • What does Apfel know about the woods?!

After the dialogue is over, it should be still afternoon and you should have 4 suspicion points.

Friday afternoon – townsfolk dialogue & Friday dusk

To max out the rest, you need to talk to the townsfolk for a dialogue that lets you raise suspicion.

The first one is on the village square – choose “Oh, I’ve had it with you, Mrs. Odilie!”

Move to the back alleys. There are two dialogues here. Choose “Apparently we haven’t!”

Then “Why? For treating me like a wretch?”

Then move to the village square. Again, two dialogues. Choose “I’m not going to gobble up your baby, Mrs. Brunhilde!”

Then, “Afraid I might put a hex on it, are you?”, when talking to Wilma.

Now, skip one time period in any way you want and reach Friday dusk. Go into the church and talk to two women near the altar. Choose “You don’t understand, do you?”

Final thoughts

And ready! You should now have the maximum level of suspicion, and your fellow townsfolk want your head on a spike! When you skip one time period and go to the night, you’ll be able to see the ‘Forsaken’ ending unfold.
IF YOU SOMEHOW MISSED A DIALOGUE OPTION, there is still a way to raise suspicion – if you didn’t bring Rozenmarine to work with you this day, you’ll be asked some questions when you leave the town in the night, and you can answer them incorrectly there and get more suspicion points.

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