Little Nightmares: All Gnomes & Lady Statues Guide

This is an guide to help you find all gnomes and lady statues for the respective achievements.


First Chapter (Nomes)

On the first chapter we can find 3 nomes.


Right afer we open the refrigerator a nome will run to the right, we must follow it and enter the tunnel and then we must simply hug it.


In the room with the big eye once we succesfully pass the eye on the right side of the screen there is another tunnel, enter and hug the nome.


For our last nome once we shut down the electricity, free the nome from the cage and go back to the room on the right and hug it.

Second Chapter (Nomes)

In this chapter we also have 3 nomes to find.


On the first room we can enter we will find a chair, move it were the screenshot shows and a scret door should open. Find the nome and then he will run away, follow it and hug him.


Once we encounter The Janitor for the first time and escape through the tunnels, we will find some stairs in the right corner at the back, go upstairs and follow the tunnel until you find the nome and hug it.


The last nome is at the library, he’s under a table, once you get closer to the nome it will run way. Go back and find the nome behind some books and hug it.

Third Chapter (Nomes)

On this chapter we have also 3 nomes to find.


After we steal the key from the Chef and go down the elevator, go back to the bathroom on the hallway and you should find it… yes, hug it.


For our second nome, once we get the bathroom one turn left right after you get out the elevator and you should see a moving red jar, grab it and break it. The nome should appear and give it a big hug… that poor thing was trapped.


For the last one, once we pass the door with the lock and find the meat grinder, go under the table and hug the nome.

Fourth Chapter (Nomes)

This is the last chapter with nomes and one is story related so you can’t miss that one.
Important note… to get the first nome you have to finish the third chapter, if you use the chapter selection menu you can’t get it.


First nome is at the very beggining of this chapter, once you escape the third chapter and go down the hole, enter the hole in the left side. Find it and of course hug it.


Before going up to the very big table, go to the right side and move the chair and enter the hole. Hug the nome.


After you escape the Chef and go up the elevator you will se a room on the left, enter and you’ll find the nome near to the guest bed. Huuug it!


And fo the last one… just eat it. You can’t miss it. Story related

First Chapter (Statues)

On the first chapter we have 2 statues.


Right after the big stairs there’s a mini room with the statue. Honestly it’s the most obvious one. Grab it and break it.


In the room with the big eye (the same room of the second nome) once you get up, go all the way to the left until you find an open bedroom. Grab the statue and break it.

Second Chapter (Statues)

In this chapter we have also 2 statutes.


In the first room that you need a key, climb all the way up to the left. And break it.


On the tunnel that you can see The Janitor walking in the rooms, there’s an open area where you can find the statue. Break it.

Third Chapter (Statues)

On this chapter we can find 3 statues.


In the room next to the one where we eat a rat. There’s a hidden tunnel. Cross it and break the statue.


On the room with the frozen meat, croos the vent on the right. Yes yes.. break it.


Once you fall into the gargabe, there is a statue on the left side. Break it.

Fourth Chapter (Statues)

There are 2 statues here.


This one is the most tricky and not all guides tell you exactly how to get it. Once you see the Chef on the elevator run all the way to the bathroom and hide. Once the Chef leaves the bathroom and close the door, some cans will fall into the ground. Grab one and break the mirror. Climb all the way up and carefully cross the pipes on the ceiling. Once you are all they way up to the right side fall into the table and break the statue.


At the end of the chapter after you eat the poor nome. Climb up and go to the left side (In the room where the lady enters the elevator) Break it.

Fifth Chapter (Statues)

Only one.


In the first room you encounter the Lady, carefully cross to her bedroom and break the jar with the key. She will dissapear and you can grab the Statue. The last one you can break.

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