Loop Odyssey: 100% Achievement Guide

Description and how to obtain the 3 achievements of the game



This game currently has just 3 achievements

  • Escape the Loop
  • Find Love
  • Reclaim Kingdom

Achievements are only registered at the game completion screen, so even if you think you accomplished the task described by the achievement, you will need to complete the game afterward.

Escape The Loop

This is the achievement you get from simply beating the game.

To get this achievement, just progress your loops until you have the equipment and strength to climb the mountain, destroy the crystals, and find the slug at the top.

Once you have the grub, just burn it at a bonfire.

Find Love

To complete this achievement you need to go on a date with The Necromancer and then complete the game. Going on a date, gives you a debuff that slowly damages you over time and makes your actions cost more mana, so make sure you are strong enough to breeze through the mountain climb and burn the slug.

To unlock the dating option with the Necromancer, you need to talk to her 5239 times throughout all of your loops.

Reclaim Kingdom

To get this achievement, you need to defeat the Demon in the throne room before burning the slug.

To unlock the throne room you need to proceed though the underground stream at the top of the mountain until you find the Kings body. Search the kings body to retrieve his amulet and take it to the Chancellor in the castle. Proceed into the Throne Room and fight The Demon.

Once The Demon is dead, proceed to a bonfire and burn the slug.

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