Loop Odyssey: Quick Tips for Leveling Tiles

Since this game relies on running the same tiles over and over in consecutive loops, you want to ensure that your hero is stepping on the same tiles as often as possible, sometimes even at the detriment of back-tracking.


Intuitive and Efficient Set-ups

You may be inclined to have your starting loop lay-out look like this, but it is incredible inefficient for leveling your tiles as your loops progress. This pathing has 8 commands.

This path hits the exact same landmarks and costs 10 commands, 2 more than previously. You have the upside of double-dipping the T-intersection tiles to get double exp per loop.

Excessive Interactions, Extra Exp

Firefly tiles require time (and thus mana) to interact with, so in your early loops, don’t be afraid to add extra interactions, even if they don’t replenish extra mana. In the starting zone, you don’t need to interact with fireflies for more than 1 or 2 times, hitting it a third time will be extra exp at the cost of a second.


You can save up to 12 different loops with the “save” and “load” buttons above the commands list. You can save specific loop setups and name them, so you can farm expensive tiles like the fence, fireflies, rats, green altar etc. This will help you progress. Then you can save your “main” progression loop elsewhere (I use loop 1 as my progression loop).
Also, don’t be afraid to level up different stats on different loops. It may be beneficial to level up heart on farming loops instead of spirit so that you up the game speed.

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