MADNESS Project Nexus: 100% Achievements Guide

This guide will help you to get all achievements, and give some tips


General achievements

Just go on a murder spree and have fun

Slaughter Rank: Bloodied
You’ve made 50 people disappear. Nice!

  • Kill 50 enemies

Slaughter Rank: Impaler
You’ve fed 200 people to the crows. The crows send you their thanks.

  • Kill 200 enemies

Slaughter Rank: Psychopath
You’ve cut 500 lives short. I want to be your friend.

  • Kill 500 enemies

Slaughter Rank: Seas of Blood
You’ve put 2000 bodies into the ground. Some of them may come back later as Zeds, but we won’t let that impact your score.

  • Kill 2 000 enemies

Slaughter Rank: Wargod
Well, that’s 5000 fewer mouths to feed. What do you mean, “What mouths?”

  • Kill 5 000 enemies

Slaughter Rank: Pale Rider
And behold, a white horse! And their name who sat upon it was…wait, what’s your name again?

  • Kill 10 000 enemies

Slaughter Rank: Genocider
Well, you’ve done it. It probably cost you a lifetime of back pain, but you’ve wiped out the entire population of a medium sized town. Those 53,594 brave souls will have a light lunch waiting for you in Valhalla.

  • Kill 53 594 enemies

Story Achievements

Most achievements are obtained by completing the story once.
In order of apparition

No Mercy: Mag Bandit 1
Defeat the Mag Bandit.

No Mercy: The Gunner Twins
Defeat Church and Jorge.

No Mercy: The Sheriff
Defeat the Sheriff.

No Mercy: Burger Gil
Defeat Gil.

No Mercy: Mag Bandit 2
Defeat the Mag Bandit again.

No Mercy: The Gunner Twins 2
Defeat Church and Jorge again.

No Mercy: Dr. Christoff
Defeat Dr. Christoff.

No Mercy: Tricky
Defeat Tricky the Clown.

No Mercy: Gestalt
Defeat Gestalt…for now.

No Mercy: The Machine
Defeat The Machine.

No Mercy: The Gunner Twins 3
Defeat Church and Jorge yet again.

No Mercy: Dr. Crackpot
Defeat Dr. Crackpot.

No Mercy: Ghoul
Defeat Ghoul.

No Mercy: Blackguard
Defeat the Blackguard.

No Mercy: The Hive
Defeat the Hive.

No Mercy: Phobos
Defeat Director Phobos.

  • When you’ll need to power up the energy cannon to make Gestalt vulnerable, you can take the plugs and just throw them into the sockets to get it done faster
  • Get ready to dodge a lot, try to keep your guns for the last 2 corpus of Phobos, as his last phase is super hard to melee hit without getting damage.

No Mercy: Gestalt 2
Defeat Gestalt once and for all.

Story Victory
You’ve beaten the Story Campaign! Well done!

Story Victory: Madness
You’ve beaten the entire Story Campaign on Madness Difficulty. Incredible!

  • For each level, you must beat it once in ‘Tough’ difficulty to unlock the ‘Madness’ difficulty
  • In the next update, the Devs said they’ll add a way to teleport to each level

Arena Achievements

Before getting started, you should know that you can restock your equipement and your allies’s by pressing TAB during the intermission before starting the next wave.

Victory: Sleepwalker Program
You’ve completed the Sleepwalker Program.

Victory: Pit Stop
You’ve completed Pit Stop.

  • The West side of the map will group enemies until there are enough (around 6) to launch an attack. A good idea to prevent gas pumps from exploding is to always check there and trim their numbers to attacks
  • Enemies will also try to break the East barrier to launch attacks, this buys you some time and allows for easy kills as they are busy
  • Once you’ve completed Pit Stop, you’ll be able to recruit Hirelings, it’s highly recommended you do so
  • Hirelings can be commanded, and are a one of the main components of the arena mode, see more in this guide

Victory: Foundry
You’ve completed The Foundry.

Victory: Fast Track
You’ve completed Fast Track.

Victory: Slaughter Time ™
You’ve completed Slaughter Time ™.

  • Your hirelings can manage to win this level by themselves in lower difficulties, here your objective should be to get as much XP as possible for the ‘Acrobatics’ skills. This means using only throwables (ex : axes, no explosives) , and throwing melee weapons to your enemies.
  • At the same time, this allows your Hirelings to gain lots of XP, so protect them by hunting down the green and red enemies

Victory: Haunting
You’ve completed The Haunting at Nevada House.

Victory: Murder Room
You’ve completed The Murder Room.

Victory: Hard Sell
You’ve completed Hard Sell.

  • Your main objective is killing the guys that are trying to unlock the box, once it’s open it’s almost always game over. In case you are overwhelm by enemies, prioritize your targets. The black guys that are going for the objective have to be killed or interrupted (ex: by shoving) first.
  • Place strategically your hirelings, they should always be able to shoot at someone in contact with the objective. See this guide to control your hirelings
  • Restock your ammo !
  • Don’t chase the enemies to their spawn zones, you may miss others going to the objective in the meantime

Victory: Facility
You’ve completed The Facility.

  • This is pretty much the hardest level, your hirelings probably won’t make it to the end, so make sure you have upgraded to the max ‘Support Squad’ in your base, so you can get some breathing room if needed

Wave Completion
You’ve beaten all Arena Combat Waves! Nice.

Wave Completion: Madness
You’ve beaten all Arena Combat waves on Madness Difficulty. Outstanding!

  • By default, madness is unlocked after winning in ‘Tough’, but you can actually unlock madness mode by finishing in any difficulty, as seen in this guide
  • You don’t need to play all waves in madness, you just need to complete one wave in Madness and then ‘safe quit’ to unlock the achivement (probably a bug)

I’ve Seen it All
Complete the Arena campaign three times, and collect three Imprints.

  • For the final story mission, try to save your ammo for the boss, or else get ready for a veryyy long fight
  • When you get to the final story mission, you’ll be able to start from scratch with a new imprint, and all stats upgraded.
  • After the second run, the fastest class to finish the game again is the tinkerer, due to infinite money that allows you to just buy the best gear and craft amazing guns and rush

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