Mannequin The Passing: A Basic Guide to Spotting the Mannequins

Mannequin The Passing can be a difficulty game, especially at the start without finding your own way to spot the evil Mannequins. This guide will go through some general strategies as well as more information on how each difficulty works.



There are different strategies you can come up with to assist in spotting which Mannequins are evil or not. These strategies are just some examples of what you can do, if you have your own strategies please feel free to share them.

Only evil Mannequins will show some sort of clues to you, and the only way to see these clues is to look away from their direction and look back. The clues they will give you will all depend on the Mannequin Difficulty selected (covered later). All these strategies seem to work for all difficulties, with some being more effective than others.

  • Stand Still and Take your Time.
    This might sound really obvious but the game does not give you a time limit. You can stand in one spot for as long as you want to get clues. Once you’re confident you know which Mannequins are good and bad you can start to move toward the good ones.
  • They like to Look.
    This strategy can apply at almost every difficulty (especially on the easier side). The most common clue that they will give you is that they will try to look at you as best as they can. This means some will turn their head to face you, sometimes they may turn their body to face you instead. Regardless, if you see one looking in your direction than it may be worth while changing your position slightly and then looking around again. You should be able to tell if its head or body is facing you directly again.
  • Listen Listen Listen:
    Mannequins will always make a noise when they reveal a clue. There are two general noises to listen out for. One being a creak, which means that they have changed something about their pose. The other sound to listen out for will sound more like scurrying or footsteps, which means that the Mannequin has moved from its position into another position.

    Playing with headphones is recommended because the sounds will come from their position. One thing you can do is stand near some Mannequins and slowly look away, if you hear a noise than you know the direction you were just looking in contains an evil Mannequin. Try doing this from all sorts of directions to get a general idea where the evil Mannequins are hiding.

    Be warned though, you can only hear Mannequins that are close to you.

  • Take a chance and try to Stare
    There is a low chance that each Mannequin will look at you if you look at it for a few seconds first. This is an easy way to confirm if the Mannequin is evil. In Part II of Story Mode you will have to do this to clear the stage (luckily, all the ones you need to spot will always look at you).
  • All the Scatter and Rubbish on the ground can be useful.
    If you can hear a Mannequin moving but just can’t pinpoint where, look at all the rubbish on the ground. You can use these as reference points to tell where a Mannequin may have been standing. Are they on a piece of paper but now the paper has no Mannequin on it? That is your clue to know that a Mannequin near by is moving around.
  • I’m a little Teapot…
    Every Mannequin is doing their own randomised pose at the beginning of the stage. Whilst looking at them, try to focus on one of them and come up with a pose in your head that they are doing. Some may be sticking their arm out like a teapot, some might be doing a new dance move. Try to come up with your own poses your looking at, and then see if this changes when clues are given.

Using a mix of these strategies will make the game easier to understand and get through, although on larger stages you will most definitely need to be patient whilst looking out for them.

Map Difficulty Explained

There are two types of difficulties you can select from whilst playing to customise your experience. Map Difficulty focuses more on how many clues the whole general stage will give you, assisting you in spotting the Mannequins.

  • Amount of Light.
    The easier the difficulty, the more light you’ll get in the stages. This makes it much easier to spot any differences in the Mannequins and where you can and cannot walk.
  • Clue Distance
    This affects how far away you need to be from a Mannequin until it reveals a clue to you. As the difficulty increases, you will need to be closer to them in order for them to reveal a clue.
  • Rubbish and Scatter
    The harder the difficulty the less rubbish and objects are scattered all over the ground. This may not seem like much but when the Mannequins start to move it can make it trickier to spot which ones are evil without having a guide on where they were originally standing.
  • Pose Amount
    As the Mannequin difficulty increases, they will start to only show you clues in their poses. The Map difficulty affects how much different their pose will change. On harder difficulties, they may only move their arm slightly whilst on easier difficulties their arm might from bent to fully stretched out.

Mannequin Difficulty Explained

Knowing what clues the Mannequins will give you will definitely help with your ability to spot them. Each difficulty has different clues that they will reveal. This guide will first list each type of clue that can show up depending on the Mannequin difficulty, and then below all this will be explanations of what each clue means.

Although knowing all this will make the game easier, it may spoil the fun or surprise on how to get through the stages.

  • Very Easy
    Body Faces Player
    Head Faces Player
    Body Turns to Player
    Body and Head turn to Player
    Stare At
  • Easy
    Body Faces Player
    Head Faces Player
    Body Turns to Player
    Move Around Itself
    Large Pose Change
    Stare At
  • Medium
    Body Faces Player
    Head Faces Player
    Body Turns to Player
    Small Pose Change
    Large Pose Change
    Move Around Itself
    Head Random Look
    Stare At
  • Hard
    Body Faces Player
    Move Around Itself
    Small Pose Change
    Move Towards Player
    Head Random Look
    Stare At
  • Very Hard
    Move Around Itself
    Small Pose Change
    Move Towards Player
    Head Random Look
    Stare At

Each difficulty of Mannequin will have different variations on how they will show those clues. For example, one variation of a Very Easy Mannequin will have a 50% chance of the Head Look clue, whilst another may only have a 30% chance of the Head Look clue, and having a higher chance at another clue.

All Mannequins will have a chance of looking at you

Below are the basics of what to expect out of each of the clues.

  • Stare At
    Looking at the Mannequin directly for a few seconds will make it turn its head to look at you directly. This will only happen if you’re standing in front of the Mannequin.
  • Body Faces Player
    The Mannequin will turn its entire body to directly face you.
  • Head Faces Player
    The Mannequin will turn its head to face you. Sometimes it will look down right into your eyes, and other times it might be looking above you. This will only happen if you’re standing in front of the Mannequin.
  • Body and Head Faces Player
    Both the body and head will face you.
  • Body Turns to Player
    If the Mannequin is not looking in your direction, it will rotate its entire body to try facing you. It will rotate 30 degrees.
  • Move Around Itself
    The Mannequin will have its central position (where it begins), it will move into a different location near its central point. After it has moved, it will move back to its central position the next time it moves again. It is possible for a Mannequin to get you whilst your not looking at it if it moves close to you. If you have to move past a Mannequin that moves than it’s worth while facing it whilst walking past it to prevent it from moving.
  • Large Pose Change
    The Mannequin will completely change its pose, the back, the left and right upper and lower arms will move into a different position.
  • Small Pose Change
    The Mannequin will change its pose slightly. This one is trickier as it will only move one body part.
    (Back, upper left arm, upper right arm, lower left arm or lower right arm.
  • Head Random Look
    The head will look in a different direction.
  • Move Towards Player
    The Mannequin will move towards you. This will set its central position to the new position it ends up in after the move. They don’t take large steps though, so you might not notice it right away. It is possible for a Mannequin to get you whilst your not looking at it if it moves close to you.

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