MareQuest: Beginners Guide (Controls, Characters, Items, Quests, Enemies, and etc)

A small guide detailing facts about the mares and their questing.



MareQuest is all about… MARE FRIENDS! Friends with funny names, silly dialogue, loose nonsensicle personalities, and cute cute cuteness!

Ways to make mare friends
-Complete quests
-Give sad mares red apples, green apples, or sugarcubes
-Gift mares the food that corresponds with their personality
-Each mare has a favorite food she’ll talk about, giving her this will result in her trading food with you
-Lead lost mares out of caves
-Become an alicorn and befriend admirers


Scheme A:
Arrow Keys – Movement
W/Mouse Wheel – Raise Stance [e.g. Stand/Fly]
S/Mouse Wheel – Lower Stance [e.g. Sit/Sleep]

Scheme B:
WASD – Movement
E/Mouse Wheel – Raise Stance [e.g. Stand/Fly]
Q/Mouse Wheel – Lower Stance [e.g. Sit/Sleep]

Shift – Sprint / Kick trees(Earth Mares Only)
Spacebar/Left Mouse – Interact
1 – Eat Red Apple
Heal HP
2 – Eat Green Apple
Raises Max Stamina
3 – Eat Sugarcube
Temporary Speed Boost
M – Mute/Unmute Music
Requires Radio Unlocked
N – Next Music Track
Requires Radio Unlocked
Tab/P/Esc – Open Food Inventory/Gift Mare food hotkey
Esc – Restart Game

Save Game and Biomes

Island Hub
Enter portal to the Island Hub to instantly save game
-All mares friended appear on islands
-Islands build up with friend count
-1st mare – Green Island
-2nd mare – Yellow Island
-3rd mare – Blue Island
-4th mare – Red Island
Biomes from North to South
-Far North: No mares spawn, shadow horsies always spawn
-Far South: No mares spawn, shadow horsies always spawn

Character Base Traits

Unicorn Mares: Auto shoot spells at enemies
Earth Mares: More health and stamina / Can kick trees for wood and build in overworld
Pegasus Mares: Fastest characters. No structure collision when flying


Red Apples: Replenishes 5 health (not upgraded) and some stamina
Green Apples: Permanently raises stamina as well as restores some stamina
Sugarcubes: Move faster for a limited time
Witch Hat: If worn and mare HP hits 0 adds 50% max HP and hat destroyed
Explorer Hat: Speed boost when worn, 1 enemy hit destroys hat
Pickelhaube: Saves mare from 5 damage before being destroyed
Food: 30 food options for trading with mares based on personality type
-Pink: Cake, Ice Cream, Candy, Cupcakes, Kumquats
-Purple: Grass, Oats, Pumpkin Spiced Latte, Breadfruit, Avacado Toast
-Blue: Energy Drinks, Fries, Potato Chips, Protein Shakes, Rainbow Colored Slushies
-Yellow: Biscuits, Arugula, Carrots, Gingerbread Cookies, Herbal Tea
-White: Broiled Asparagus, Rattatouille, Caviar, Eggplant Parmasean, Omelette du Fromage
-Orange: Apple Pie, Hay, Peaches, Watermelon, Burgers

Earth Mares can build the following by pressing the hammer within GUI
-Red Apple Tree – costs 1 Red Apple
-Green Apple Tree – costs 1 Green Apple
-Sugarcane plant – costs 1 sugarcube
-Torch – costs 2 wood
-Apple Turret – costs 10 wood
-Click turret to load with apple seeds
-If loaded automatically fires at enemies


-Main Quest – The 4 Alicorns
-Reach 40 friends to become alicorn
-Reach 80 friends to choose 1 of 4 alicorn perks
-Reach 100 friends to play as your 1st friend
-Repeat until all 4 alicorns are created and reach 100 friends
-Hordecore Minigame
-In furthest South Biome speak to Chaos Witch Ponkles (must have 1 friend)
-Give her requested apples and be teleported to a strange place
-Dodge the horse and survive to 100 seconds
-Both winning an 0HP will trigger quest completion
-Friend rewards
-Shadow Horsie Maze Minigame
-In furthest North Biome speak to Wicked Witch Limeade (must have 1 friend)
-Sacrifice friend to be teleported to shadow realm
-Sacrificing friend with only 1 friend count will cause game over
-Find the light exit in the shadow maze
-Help lost mares along the way
-Poni Poni Dance Club Minigame
-In Snow or Grass Biome find a Poni Poni Dance Club
-Wait until night to enter
-Hold space and hit the arrow keys (DDR style)
-Upon reaching goal you will be promped to choose reward
-Cuddle Minigame
-In Grass Biome speak to Anonymous Green Mare (must have 1 friend)
-Protect her from approaching mares by cuddling (sleeping) on them
-Green will allow 3 mares to approach her before minigame game over
-Upon lasting to 100% recieve ability to cuddle mares on the Hub islands for food rewards
-Marester Mind Minigame
-In Snow biome find a Radio Tower and speak to Anonymous Pink mare inside (must have 1 friend)
-Guess the correct color combination
-6 guesses, no duplicate colors, guiding “lights” do not match the color position
-Guessing correctly unlocks the radio in inventory and gives food rewards
-Hat Filly Minigame
-In Grass or Desert biome find cave with a sign that says “hats” outside
-Upon entering use the arrow/WASD keys to match the filly’s movements
-Upon 8 correct combos you will unlock hats to spawn in world
-Egg Mare Minigame
-As a unicorn or earth mare (no pegasus or alicorn) find the Anonymous Egg Mare in desert biome
-Shoot eggs at approaching pegasus to defend the 15 apples
-Upon time running out you will recieve food rewards and as many friends as apples remaining
-Mare Gaming Minigame
-In the desert biome find a house and speak to Quote Unquote inside
-Text based RPG minigame, follow dialogue options to progress
-5 enemies defeated will trigger boss battle option
-Defeat boss to win and recieve friendship rewards
-In all biomes Caves can spawn
-Entering and leaving a cave will block that cave off from being reentered
-3 chests containing food always spawn in cave
-Lost mares appear in cave, speak to them and accept to help them, lead them to entrance for friend reward
-Interacting with crystal in cave will remove darkness, automatic for Crystal Alicorn
-Snakes and bats spawn in cave and attack player if too close
-Caves get progressively larger tied to friend count

Level ups and Perks

Earth Mares:
EM1 = +5 Total Health / Red Apples Heal for +10
EM2 = Applekick (Kick an apple at enemies (-1 Red/Green Apple) Can be toggled.

PG1 = +1 Fly Speed
PG2 = Cloud Attack – When flying create clouds that makes shadow horsies walk and pegasus shadow horsies run (costs 25 stamina) Can be toggled.

UC1 = x2 Magic Attack Power
UC2 = Rechargeable Shield (costs Sugarcube to recharge if destroyed) Can be toggled.

10 Friends = Choose 1 Perk (Race Specific)
25 Friends = Choose 1 Perk (Race Specific)
40 Friends = Alicornhood! Choose 1 Perk (any race) + All item pickups x2
60 Friends = Choose 1 Perk (any race)
80 Friends = Choose Alicorn Specialty:
1) Sun Alicorn = Sunlight spell to intermittently destroy all spawned enemies. Can be toggled.
2) Moon Alicorn = Creates intermittent portal to moon to collect resources and wait out nighttime. Can be toggled.
3) Crystal Alicorn = All item pickups x3 / Pickups move towards you
4) Friendship Alicorn = Shoots spell that befriends shadow horsies
100 Friends = Faithful student – Become your first friend!


Earth Shadow Horsies – Walk initially, run and get stronger as friend count increases
Unicorn Shadow Horsies – Stand still and fire spells at player
Pegasus Shadow Horsies – Run if player isn’t flying, fly faster than player if player is
Snakes – Moves towards player at constant speed if in range
Bats – Fly in straight line towards last player position

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