MARVEL SNAP: Deck Code, Cards, and Examples

Here is a list of all deck codes, cards and examples in MARVEL SNAP.


Deck Code

# (1) Ant Man
# (1) Hawkeye
# (1) Squirrel Girl
# (1) Uatu the Watcher
# (2) Medusa
# (3) Wolfsbane
# (3) Mister Fantastic
# (3) Punisher
# (4) Jessica Jones
# (4) Ka-Zar
# (5) Iron Man
# (6) Spectrum
# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and paste it from the deck editing menu in Snap.

1) Copy the text above

Create a new deck from this section.

2) Click here

3) And here

4) If you did it correctly, it will look like this. Confirm.




Squirrel Girl


Vatu The Watcher



Mister Fantastic

The Punisher

Jessica Jones

Iron Man


No need to explain the cards. Just know the difference between on reveal and ongoing.

on reveal: when your card’s face is revealed
ongoing: as long as your card stays in the zone

The logic behind the strategy

Having cheap cards that reach the power of expensive cards by using cards that reinforce each other. The cards speak for themselves very clearly. If the middle zone is available, lay out your buff-earning cards and lose the middle zone if necessary. If you play your cards in the right order in the left and right zones, you will be strong enough to counter your opponent.

Even if your opponent prefers to defend the area with your empowered cards instead of the middle zone, you can easily win the middle zone. In this case, try to have superiority in 2 regions in total by investing left or right depending on the region’s characteristics and win.


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