MARVEL SNAP: Pool 1-2 Move Deck Guide

I’ve created this deck for Beginner (Starter pool, Pool 1 to Pool 2) Cards in the hopes of improving the overall performance of our fellow players specially in the lower bracket.



Marvel Snap has multiple types of playstyle you can use to your advantage. One of the fundamental components in winning is the cards. Cards an integral part of the game and should be played properly along side locations that dictate how and where you play these cards. Now all of these cards have “effects” such as Ongoing, On reveal, Destroy, Discard, Move, etc. These are the different playstyles you can use together with Locations to win the match/game.


So first we start with the Move effect cards. The bottom-line of these cards are to move your cards to different locations and use their effects to either Swarm or Increase Power of your Move cards.

Pool 1-2 Move Deck

I have created this Early/Beginner friendly Move deck to help you climb up the ladder. This is a fundamentally challenging deck that values positioning and moving of cards to proper utilize their effects and win the round.

List of Cards and Uses

Move cards that help you Swarm and increase the Power of your cards are mainly these cards:

Move cards that benefit from the cards above:

Move cards that benefit Kraven a lot:

Cards that are here for protection against, Shang Chi, Draw from Opponent cards, etc.:

Note: Cosmo is very hard to play with this deck but ensured that your Kraven is protected against Destroy cards.

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