METAL GEAR SOLID Master Collection Version: How to Skip the Tower Rappel

This is not my own discovery and has been long known. I am just putting it into guide format for easy access here on Steam. You utilize this to skip the game from where you enter Communications Tower A and wind up being chased upstairs to the part where you have finished rappelling down the side of the building. Story-wise, it’s after having returned from torture to where you got captured by Sniper Wolf, and the goal was to get to Communications Tower B so the next thing to do after successfully performing this is to proceed to Communications Tower B and head downstairs inside.



Highly recommended to save before trying this.

Step 1

Note: this step is optional.

Inside the entryway to Communications Tower A, proceed to the first door shown here, and stop with the door open. Chuck a Stun Grenade inside the room, and when it goes off, it’ll set off the alarm for you, bypassing the mini-cutscene of it going off.

Step 2

Run down the hall and begin running up the stairs. Toss another stun grenade at the bottom of the stairs for good measure (not sure this ones necessary). Toss another stun grenade right before you hit the 5th landing (there’s a 5 on the floor), to time it to go off for the soldier coming up around the 7th one. Toss another stun grenade right before reaching the door after the 8th landing (there’s an 8 on the floor), to ensure you get maximum time to get this right.

If you don’t get it quickly, you likely won’t and will have to retry, due to the soldiers constantly interrupting you.

Step 3

Optional: switch to Chaff Grenades upon approaching the door.

Once at the door, lean up against it and slide all the way to your camera left (Snakes right) until you cannot slide anymore.

Step 4

Enter first-person view and look to the left to where the left side of the Alert Box is lined up with the vertical line in the wall as shown here.

It’s very important to be in this precise viewing angle for this to work on this door in this specific position.

Step 5

Let go of all buttons and switch to Chaff Grenades if you have not already. I find Chaff Grenades to work most accurately for this.

Pull the pin on the Chaff Grenade to arm it in Snakes hand and then DO NOT LET GO OF IT! Very important that you want to continue holding it in Snakes hand so it eventually goes off in Snakes hand. Do. Not. Throw. It. Instead, hold it.

Also remember that you had let go of all the buttons before doing this, and you should not be touching any other button than merely the weapon one for holding the Chaff Grenade. This way Snake is in the correct position.

That’s it!

If done correctly, the Chaff Grenade will go off in Snakes hand, he will be blown slightly backwards into the box that triggers exiting the door, the screen will go black to load, and you will appear outside on the other side of the door, having bypassed to top half of Communications Tower A, the cutscene up on the roof, and the rappelling.

Also note that this means the people attacking you on the bridge here never triggered, so you are free to proceed with the game.

There are other methods for doing this, including use of the Stun Grenade, or firing at a locked-on soldier, however I find this approach to be most reliable. Also note this glitch isn’t super reliable. You have to be precise and quick about it, and unfortunately, the nuisance of other soldiers attacking you makes this difficult to pull off.

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