METAL GEAR SOLID – Master Collection Version: The Default Keyboard Keys (PC)

Hello everyone! Being that I am stupid and I couldn’t find the buttons or how to change them, I looked for them manually in the game. I barely know the game, so this is what I found for now. The game has Keyboard support, but not mouse. As a warning because it feels uncomfortable.



Pause/Enter the game – Tab

Collection Menu – E + M
(By: Yayco)

Codeq- ESQ

Crouch – Backspace/Space

Items- 9

Use item – E

Other items/Weapons – 0

Shoot (With Weapon) – U

Aim – Holding U

Hide weapon – M

Punch – H/Enter

First person – F

Hide weapon – M

Put C4 – U

Explote C4 – Enter




Those were all I could find so far (Currently in battle against Ocelot).

This guide was made for those who are just starting out and don’t know what to press since I was confused too. The game shows the PS buttons and I couldn’t find a way to change the in-game controls, so the idea is to leave this guide until Konami adds it (if it ever happens) or a modder do it.

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