Midnight Fight Express: All Achievements Guide

In this guide you can find some ways and tactics on how to get each achievement in the game.


Unmissable achievements

These are achievements that can’t be missed, if you play through the game.

This Is Just The Beginning
Complete the Factory mission.

Leave No Trace
Complete the Wavechase mission.

Give Me A Break
Complete the Highway mission.

One Last Ride
Complete the Alleyway mission.

Watch The Sunrise
Finish the game.

“Not much to say” achievements

These achievements are “easy”, just do what they say. Also I wrote some tips for some of them.

They Probably Deserved It
Kill 500 enemies.

Who Will Clean Up This Mess
Kill 2000 enemies.

Way Over The Line Buddy
Kill 4000 enemies.

Dummy’s Best Friend
Kill 500 dummies in the Playground.
NOTE: Make it so that dummies always spawn, you have a gun (or you can spawn a gun), and dummies can sprint, but can’t attack or anything like that. Around 5-6 come at you at once, you just shoot them and it will pop up eventually.

You have a S-tyle!
Get an S-Rating on 20 levels.

You Won’t Be Forgotten My Friend
Get an S-Rating on all levels.

How Could You Do That To Noisecream?
Mute the music.

People Person
Talk with all special characters.

Complete all levels on hard difficulty.

Hotline Express
Complete all levels on realistic difficulty.
NOTE: This won’t unlock “Impressive”! You have to complete the levels in Hard mode to get that one!

I Want To Look Pretty
Spend 50000$ on clothes.

Tips and tricks for these achievements – part 1

For these achievements I present you some tips and tricks. Some require perks that you can get by completing a level, doing it’s challenges and so on, and some require certain skills, or maybe other difficulty levels. Here goes:

Combo Master
Get 100x combo on foot.
NOTE: If you get hit by an enemy, then your combo meter will stop. If you don’t hit anyone, the combo meter can stop again. You can’t get this achievement in the Playground. I recommend the first level, go and hit enemies with light attacks only. It should easily pop up after a few tries.

I Was Born To Die
Die 500 times.
NOTE: Why a note for this? Because dying can be hard in this game, especially if you have to grind it. On the highway level, when you are on the motorcycle, get to the point where cars begin to spawn and you have to dodge them, then don’t dodge them and die. Repeat this as many times as you want. Also if you play on Realistic, get to the airport and into the elevator, and just stand still, or on the Service elevator level get to the point where SWAT is swarming in, and just stand still. At these sections it’s quite easy to grind 500 deaths, but you’ll need patience.

Tooth Fairy
Collect 150 golden teeth.
NOTE: To easily get golden teeth you’ll need the “X-ray kills” perk, which you can obtain on the Construction Yard level. If you kill an enemy and get an X-ray kill, it gives you golden teeth (unless you’ve already collected the required amount on that level). It’s tempting to use the “One hit kills” perk, but we need that for other challenges, and it won’t guarantee more X-ray kills. Also use light-light-heavy attacks for levels like Alleyway and by standing still, it’s easier to collect teeth that way.

That’s What I Came For
Complete your first 25 challenges.
NOTE. You can use ANY perk and still complete challenges. For some you should use the “One hit kill” perk, or the “Unbreakable weapons” one. I won’t go into detail on how to complete challenges, as this is an achievement guide.

King Of Challenges
Complete all challenges.
NOTE: Same as above.

Everything Is A Weapon
Throw 150 environmental items at enemies.
NOTE: This achievement was bugged when I got it, it should be working now. Note that it should be “Kill 150 enemies with environmental items”, as it only counted for me when I killed them. Get to the Tavern level, there are plenty of chairs lying around, and just roll and throw everything at the enemies. Then just press down on the DPAD and restart the level, rinse and repeat.

Parry Master
Parry 150 attacks.
NOTE: Start the very first level, stand still and let enemies attack you. You’ll need the “Parry and counter” skill for this. Once they attack you, the game will tell you to press a button to parry their attacks. Just do it, and if all of them are dead because of the parrying (they shouldn’t be as I remember), then restart the level.

Melee Finisher Master
Kill 250 enemies using melee finishers.
NOTE: Melee finishers are those where you hit the enemies a few times, and press the finisher button to kill them. You’ll need the “Unarmed finishers” skill for this. On the first level hit the enemies 2 times, and then finish them. Once all of them are dead in the first area, restart the level.

Weapon Finisher Master
Kill 150 enemies using weapon finishers.
NOTE: Same as above, but you’ll need the “Weapon finishers” skill. Then you can decide whether to start the game with a knife (this is a perk that you can unlock on the Civilian Evacuation Centre level), and then hit the enemies 1-2 times and finish them, or use the “Unbreakable weapons” perk (which you can unlock on the Commuter train level) and get the weapon from the enemy that gets out of the van and finish everyone with it. After a few tries you should get this achievement.

Stay Down
Kill 50 enemies using ground finishers.
NOTE: For this you’ll need the “Ground finishers” skill and the “Combos” skill. On the first level, attack an enemy with a light-heavy combo attack (so tap the attack button, then hold it). You’ll sweep your legs and they will fall on the ground, and the game will prompt you to finish them. Repeat this a couple of times and you are done.

Kiss The Wall
Kill 50 enemies using wall finishers.
NOTE: For this you’ll need the “Environmental finisher” skill. If you corner an enemy and press him/her against the wall, just attack him and it should trigger. Just remember to corner them!

Gun Fu
Kill 50 enemies using gun finishers.
NOTE: Get the “Gun finishers” skill for this. Start the level with a pistol (unlockable on the “Gas station” level) or play on the “Eightieth Floor” level and grab a gun from the enemy, and just start shooting or maybe hitting them a few times, until a prompt comes up to finish them. Use every opportunity to do so. You could also try this with the “Infinite ammo” perk (obtainable on the Bro-Tel level), but only to damage the enemies, as finishing them with a weapon still consumes ammo.

Tips and tricks for these achievements – part 2

Give Your Fists A Rest
Shoot 500 enemies.
NOTE: Use the “Infinite ammo” perk on the “Eightieth Floor” and just shoot everything that moves. Repeat the level as many times as you want.

Let Them Fly
Kill 75 enemies using explosives.
NOTE: Use the “Infinite ammo” level on the “Church” by grabbing one of the grenade launchers and then kill enemies with it.

Face Jewelry
Stick 50 sharp weapons into the heads of enemies.
NOTE: Start the game with a knife, and just throw it at an enemy. Repeat as many times as needed (I prefer the first level for this).

Bloody Shower
Slice 75 enemies.
NOTE: For this you’ll need a bigger weapon that can cut enemies in half. I recommend the Civilian Evacuation Center map, the “Unbreakable weapons” perk, and then getting a sword from one of the pirates (not the tiny one, the big one), and just kill everyone with it. Alternatively you can play on the Gas Station level and get the machete from the very first enemy that rushes to you and kill everyone with it (and use the same perk to do so).

Don’t Hug Me
Escape from grapples 50 times.
NOTE: On the Train Station level, you can encounter a Joker-wannabe, called Tickles the Clown. Kill everyone except him, and just hit him a few times, and he should grapple you. Escape from the grapple and then repeat this until he is dead, and then just restart the level.

Skills Enthusiast
Defeat 15 enemies with different types of kills on a single level.
NOTE: This one sound tricky, but you should be able to do it easily by using the finishers, throwing weapons, shooting them and so on. It could be done on the first level, but maybe the second one is better because it has more weapons and even explosives as well.

Too Much Pressure
Kill 6 enemies while in Rage.
NOTE: Don’t know if you can get this by completing the game, as there are two points in the game where you get infinite rage activated (one is Breakout, the other is Rooftop). If not, then get a very big or deadly weapon, maybe with the “Unbreakable weapons” perk and just hit everyone you can see. Maybe shooting them will be even better, just use the Eightieth Floor level for this.

I Have A Wedding Tommorow
Complete a level without getting hit.
NOTE: This one’s easy, just complete the first level without being hit. Can’t seem to do this? Then use the “One hit kill” perk (obtainable in the Train tunnel level) and kill everyone in one hit. Or start the level with a knife, or a pistol. Anything that can help you not to get hit.

Make Them Shake For You
Electrocute 100 enemies.
NOTE: You can use the rope for this. So you’ll need the rope and the “Rope electrocute” skill. Just grab some enemies with the rope and press the parry button to electrocute them. Do this a couple of times and you’ll be done with this. Alternatively use the “Unbreakable weapons” perk and play on the Shipyard level and grab the electric baton from the enemies, or maybe play on the Laboratory level and use an electric baton there.

Let Them Finish Themselves
Let 100 enemies kill each other.
NOTE: Just play on the Motel level and let the enemies kill each other a few times and restart the level. If the game won’t register this, then play on the Abandoned metro level, and get to the point where there’s a big enemy with a big hammer. Just let him swing that hammer around and kill some of his buddies, and then die, respawn, and repeat the process.

Get Over Here!
Damage 100 enemies using rope.
NOTE: Just use the rope on the enemies, maybe hit them a few times. You could get this together with the electrocution skill if I’m correct.

Smile, Please!
Blow up 50 enemy heads with secondary gun.
NOTE: Get the secondary gun and the “Magnum bullet” skill, then just go and play on the very first level. Wait until your gun reloads and then shoot one of the enemies with it. If you don’t want to wait, get the “Instart revolver ammo” perk which instantly (well, if you only have magnum bullets, then “almost instantly”) reloads your weapon, and you can shoot more quickly with it. This perk can be unlocked on the VIP Room level.


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