Midnight Fight Express: All Doggos Locations

All locations of dogs in Midnight Fight Express.
It is important that you pet all dogs.


Mission 2 – Bro-Tel
It’s on the start of the mission, wishing you best of luck on your journey. You need to pet them for that.

Mission 6 – Abandoned Metro
Also at the start of the level, giving you strength for all the future combats. You pet them for the gift of strength.

Mission 9 – Shipyard
Again, start of the level, just sitting there alone with a bone. It is required to pet them, you can’t just not pet the lonely dog.

Mission 17 – Game Studio
Start of the level, but instead of going to the top-right where developers are, you go to the top-left. This dog sits next to barrels, alone. Pet them and maybe bring them a pillow, concrete is not comfortable to sit on.

Mission 20 – Fight Club
This one is in the middle of the level. You can meet them when you meet our masked friends. Will not support you in combat but will support you mentally, and that’s why you pet them for that.

Mission 28 – Graveyard
Again, start of the level, and again, lonely dog next to a bench. You need to pet a lonely dog that protects the graveyard.

Mission 31 – VIP Room
Once you finish the arena with “The Ugly Swine-Ling” you leave the arena and go to the left. They sit there alone. Pet them and buy them a drink at least.

Mission 33 – Parking Garage
This one is at the end of the level, waiting for you to pet them after a nice fight with firefighters… Or they wait for snacks from the machine, maybe both.

Mission 37 – Breakout
This one waits at the end of the level with other scientists that are scared of you. The dog is not scared of you and that’s why you need to pet them for their bravery.

Mission 38 – Laboratory
Another one that sits at the end of the level, but this one is a robodoggo, waiting for you to pet them after believing in you during the whole fight with Kingbots.

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