Mini Motorways: Beginners’ Guide (Game Mechanics)

Before playing the mini road, you may need to learn more about the mechanics. This guide will explain more about the mechanism, and will not explain too much about the levels.


1.some of “misleading name” in the game

Mini Motorway is the same as the predecessor Mini Metro. In the
game, you have two buildings that need attention: houses and destinations. but! Note that compared to the mini subway, the principle of this game is not the same. Imagine that the destination is the company, and the house is the residence . The people in the house do not work for you at all, but if no one comes to the company, you will be finished! Strictly speaking, this is not a highway. It is just a reasonable transportation volume plan called Mini Uber Taxi. It should be enough.

2.don’t be restricted by routine

Your impression of bridges (and tunnels) will affect the way you play this game. A
common usage of bridges is straight: In fact, there are no restrictions on the length and shape of bridges (and tunnels) in the game . You can build waterway bridges: the game Another usage in is to use a bridge with the start and end points on the same bank to bypass the obstacles on the land: In addition, if you keep receiving the warning that the house cannot be directly connected to the bridge/tunnel, the path that the house extends It is not possible to cross the river or enter the tunnel directly. By the way, the two achievements require you to build super-long bridges and tunnels. After you pause the game, just draw one and delete it.

3.the core mechanism: each return to each home & junction punishment

First of all, after staring at the results of each car and not stopping the road:

  1. The car from the corresponding house will return to the same house
  2. If you tear down the road to the corresponding house halfway, the road will disappear when both cars return to the house.
  3. The car driving out of the house has the highest priority. If it blocks a car on the road, the car on the road will slow down and wait for him.
  4. If the four houses are not connected to the same grid on the road, the car will drive back at the maximum speed, even if it is at an acute angle, it will not slow down.

The fourth point is quite strange. If you have played Mini Metro, you will know that subway trains will stop at sharp corners.
This is because Mini Motorway has a mechanism called crossing penalty, which is:

Stop and take a look at the intersection

The same two intersections, except that one of the roads is slightly offset, which one is faster? The answer is a slightly skewed intersection on the right, because there are four roads connected to the previous intersection, which has the deceleration effect of the intersection penalty . For intersections of any shape, as long as the following roads are greater than or equal to 4, the driver will slow down and then accelerate again, wasting about twice the time. I think this mechanism is to imitate the observance of the law when crossing the intersection and look at the left and right before driving, but three At the fork in the road, the car just kicked the accelerator and passed by (laughs)

Circumvent penalty

There are three ways to circumvent the penalty at the intersection: the first is the traffic light. Although it feels very tasteless, the car will drive at full speed when the traffic light is in the green light. The second type is a circle, and the car will drive directly without slowing down. Of course… the third type is not to use crossroads.

4. the highway

The only convenience of the highway in this game is that it allows you to pick up at will

  • Except the nine squares of the ring
  • Can’t get to an intersection with traffic lights
  • And will be affected by the penalty at the intersection
  • Will be blocked by the mountain
  • The point is that the speed is really not much faster than the road, but the shortest straight line

The acceleration of the highway is very slow, and it is difficult to measure the acceleration in this way before the model is created. Forgive me for my incompetence. (
The best way to shrug the road is to surround the house in a circle in the center and connect it to others through the highway. Company to go.

5. some decisive tips

The early square companies (maximum order limit of 6) can maintain demand as long as two houses are connected, and the large circular company (maximum order limit of 9) is OK as long as 4 houses are connected, and later games will pass. Speed ​​up the dispatch speed and increase the company to disrupt your rhythm, and you don’t need to get each company to the company from the beginning .

This type of dual company can also be used as a road, which can alleviate the pressure on some multi-company roads.

Reasonable use of traffic lights and circles to reduce road congestion

Pay attention to the penalties at intersections. Decelerating is one of the causes of congested intersections. This happens when there are too many intersections in a row.

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