Mini Ninjas: How to Fix No Sound Issue in Linux

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I’m here to guide you on fixing the sound issue in Linux-based Operating Systems when running Mini Ninjas.



As many of you are aware, Steam has its own methods for running not native games on Linux. They developed Proton, a fork of Wine, specifically designed to enhance Steam’s functionality with new tools. Essentially, Proton serves as Steam’s version of Wine.

To enable game sounds, we need to install OpenAL, an audio API designed for 3D games and audio applications. However, if we attempt to install OpenAL using Wine and then launch our game, it won’t work. The game will remain unchanged, and no progress will be made.

But what if we try installing OpenAL with Proton instead?

That’s exactly what we’re going to do. We’ll install it in the same directory where Mini Ninjas is located. Let’s proceed with the step-by-step instructions.

Fixing the sound issue

To fix the sound issue in Mini Ninjas on Linux, follow these step-by-step instructions:

Install OpenAL as a Non-Steam Game:
Go to your Steam library and click on the “+ ADD A GAME” button at the bottom left.
Select “Add a Non-Steam Game” from the dropdown menu.
Locate the OpenAL installer on your system and add it to your Steam library.
Right-click on the newly added OpenAL entry and select “Properties.”
In the “Compatibility” tab, choose the latest Proton version available.

Run the OpenAL installer:
Find the OpenAL entry in your Steam library and launch it.
Follow the installation steps to complete the OpenAL installation.

Locate the installed OpenAL files:
Open your file manager and navigate to the following directory:
Look for the recently modified files to find the directory where OpenAL was installed.

Copy OpenAL files to Mini Ninjas’ directory:
Once you’ve found the installation directory of OpenAL, copy all the files from that directory.
Navigate to the directory of the Mini Ninjas game installation:
Paste the copied OpenAL files into the Mini Ninjas’ directory, overwriting any existing files.

By following these steps, you should have successfully installed OpenAL into Mini Ninjas’ dependencies, resolving the sound issue.

I hope this guide helps you resolve the sound issue in Mini Ninjas on Linux-based Operating Systems. Enjoy your gaming experience!

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