Monster Sanctuary: Ancient Woods Laser Puzzle

How to solve the laser puzzle found in the Ancient Woods



When first encountering this puzzle it can seem rather intimidating. I have made this guide to help any one else who found them selves stuck at this tricky puzzle.


I was able to take various screenshots and put them into a map. Its a little rough but it gets the point across. I have also labeled the levers to make it easier to follow. 


Refer back to the map and labelled levers to follow this accurately.

B – R

After these levers have been flipped you will have made into the heart of the puzzle.

B2 – R2 – B2 – G – B2 – R2 – B2

After this combination the first big gate will be opened. Continue on and flip R3 to reveal a chest below. Once you have looted the chest, continue.

R3 – G2 – G3 – R4 – G3 – B3

This combination will provide access to the only yellow lever (Y), flip it.

Now flip the last three levers: B3 – R4 – G3

Congratulations! You have found an Ancient Woods key needed to move on to the Goblin Fort.

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