Monster Sanctuary: Early Game Monsters Builds (No Spectral Familiar, No Shift)

Quick reference for new players who wish to build a team, since there are too many monsters to choose from, furthermore, each monster can fit into a variety of roles.

Hence, I’m making this guide to ease the picking process.



  • this guide is meant for new player on choosing monster(s)
  • no Spectral Familiar, no Shift
  • assume player understood Weakness & Resistance (not covering this)
  • disclaimer, this was written for my own quick reference when theory-crafting and learning the game, may not be suitable for everyone


This is the reading format for this guide

Zone_Area (Level##+)
  • Monster_A (more description about this monster)
    · Skill A1 (some description about this skill)
    · Skill A2
    · Skill A3
  • Monster_B (more description about this monster)
    · Skill B1 (some description about this skill)
    · Skill B2
    · Skill B3
  • Monster_C (more description about this monster)
    · Skill C1 (some description about this skill)
    · Skill C2
    · Skill C3

Team ##: Monster_A, Monster_B, Monster_C
Team ##: Monster_D, Monster_E, Monster_F

Mountain Path (Level1+)

  • Blob
    · Slime Shot (Poison debuff)
  • Magmapillar
    · Shield
    · Ignite (Burn debuff)
    · Burning Desire
    · Empower
  • Catzerker (physical attacker, crit build)
    · Slash (Bleed stack)
  • Yowie (tanker, physical attacker)
    · Health Proc
    · Protector
    · Supply (passive heal)

Team 01: Blob, Magmapillar, Catzerker / Yowie
Team 02: Magmapillar, Yowie, Catzerker

Note: don’t worry on starter zone, just attack

Blue Caves (Level10+)

  • Frosty
    · Shield
    · Chilling Wind (Chill debuff)
    · Multi Chill
    · Safecast (Barrier buff)
    · Full Offense (Might, Sorcerer, Glory buffs)
  • Grummy
    · Slime Shot (Poison debuff)
    · Shield
  • Fungi
    · Poison Bomb (Poison debuff)
    · Multi Poison
    · Initial Poison
    · Dominance
  • Monk (physical attacker, multiple elements)

Team 10: Fungi, Fungi, Grummy
Team 11: Magmapillar, Frosty / Fungi, Grummy
Team 12: Magmapillar, Frosty / Grummy, Monk / Catzerker / Yowie

Stronghold Dungeon (Level10+)

  • Toxiquus (tanky magic support)
    · Slime Shot, Slime Volley, Toxin (Poison debuff)
    · Plague
    · Toxic Feedback
    · Sidekick (Sidekick buff)
    · Supply
    · Healing Wave
    · Armor Shred (Armor Break debuff)
  • Crackle Knight (hybrid, go for physical attacker)
    · Protect
    · Electric Field
    · Shocking Slash (Shock debuff)
    · Shocking Current (Shock debuff)
    · Multi Shock
    · Chain Lightning
    · Chain Reaction
  • Mad Eye (magic attacker, multiple elements & debuffs, multiple hit all)
    · Hex
    · Dominance

Team 13: Grummy, Toxiquus / Fungi / Magmapillar, Mad Eye
Team 14: Toxiquus, Crackle Knight, Mad Eye

Ancient Woods (Level10~20+)

  • Magmamoth
    · Fire Shield* (Burn debuff)
    · Multi Burn
    · Fuel*
  • Molebear (physical attacker, crit build)
    · Bleed (Bleed stack)
    · Splatter
    · Deep Wounds*
    · Hibernate (Barrier buff)
    · Multi Barrier*


Team 20: Magmapillar (see below), Magmamoth, Magmamoth / Mad Eye
Team 21: Frosty (see below), Monk (see below), Molebear

  • Magmapillar (Level20+)
    · Burning Desire
    · Empower
    · Fire Shield* (Burn debuff)
    · Burn Down*
    · Fiery Glands*
  • Monk (Level20+)
    · Multi Glory* (Bleed stack)
    · Blessed Strikes* (Glory buff)
  • Frosty (Level20+)
    · Multi Chill
    · Safecast (Barrier buff)
    · Full Offense (Might, Sorcerer, Glory buffs)
    · Ice Shield* (Chill debuff)


Snowy Peaks (Level20+)

  • Ice Blob
    · Ice Shield (Chill debuff)
    · Multi Chill
    · Congeal
    · Initial Chill
    · Severe Cold
  • Mogwai (buff support, crit finisher)
    · Multi Chill
    · Shatter
    · Protector
    · Multi Glory
    · Magnitude (Glory buff)
  • Aurumtail
    · Shield
    · Gold Sense x3
    · Glitter
    · Mana Upkeep x2
    · Shield Burst

Team 22: Ice Blob, Magmamoth, Mad Eye / Toxiquus / Fungi
Team 23: Ice Blob, Mogwai, Frosty / Monk / Molebear
Team 24: Aurumtail x3

Comparison Table: Frosty vs Ice Blob vs Mogwai

Ice Blob
Multi Chill
Multi Chill
Multi Chill
Ice Shield
Ice Shield
(no shielding action)
Chilling Wind
Chilling Wind / Freeze
Ice Bolt
Protected Offense
Congeal, Sub Zero, Severe Cold, Initial Chill
Multi Glory, Shatter
(Barrier + Channel)
(Sidekick + Spellshield)
(Barrier + Glory)
Full Offense
(Might, Sorcery, Glory, Sidekick, Channel)
Restoring Shield
Helping Hand

Sun Palace (Level20+)

  • Imori (physical attacker, crit build)
    · Ice Spear, Ice Spear Volley (Bleed stack)
    · Chilling Cold (Chill debuff)
    · Congeal
    · Cooling (Chill debuff)
    · Kindle (Burn debuff)
    · Antitoxin (remove own debuff)
    · Toxic Slash (Poison debuff)
    · Burning Heat (Burn debuff)
    · Long Slash (Bleed stack)
    · Feast
  • Vasuki (hybrid attacker, utility)
    · Slime Shot, Toxic Slam (Poison debuff)
    · Poison Eater
    · Severe Upkeep
    · Fire Shield (Burn debuff)
    · Burning Desire
    · Mass Restore (remove debuff, all allies)
    · Fatal Upkeep
  • Blade Widow (physical attacker, crit build)
    · Long Slash (Bleed stack)
    · Severe Cuts (Wound stack)
    · Bleed (Bleed stack)
    · Splatter
    · Power (Might, Sorcerer buffs)
    · Brawn over Brains
    · Multi Might
  • Kame (utility, shielder and/or finisher)
    · Shield
    · Protected Offense x2
    · Static Glory
    · Multi Might
    · Shared Might
    · Water Surge (Might buff)
    · Shield Burst

Team 25: Frosty, Kame, Blade Widow / Imori / Monk
Team 26: Frosty, Mogwai, Blade Widow / Imori / Monk
Team 27: Ice Blob, Magmamoth, Vasuki

Work In Progress Version


Mountain Path (Level1+)

Slime Shot (Poison debuff)

Ignite (Burn debuff)

Burning Desire

Summary / Explanation

Firstly, this guide focuses on shield-all action that can also apply debuff on enemy, which is why Ice Shield and/or Fire Shield is the bread-and-butter for our team composition. However, those are only available after Level20+, so we need to rely on other source of debuff before level 20.

Follow-up on above-mentioned shielder composition, the second monster will either be another shielder, or monster that can capitalize on debuffs, like Fungi with Multi Poison and Initial Poison.

Then, depending on the last attacker monster, the second monster could also be utility-based instead, like Mogwai with Multi Glory and Glory buff action, supporting the attacker that requires critical hit to proc Bleed stack.

Lastly, the combo finisher / last attacker monster should prioritize on either high Attack stats or high Magic stats, such as Monk and Mad Eye, so they are given the best equipment that won’t conflict with each other. Note that in early game, critical chance stats is too low to be unreliable.

Final tip, upon facing enemy with different Weakness and Resistance, player could swap in/out the last attacker monster, for example, instead of using Mad Eye against enemies with Magical Resistance, swap in Monk to replace Mad Eye as attacker. Or to the extend of having 3 backup monsters, that can fight against specific boss or champion monster.

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