Mortal Kombat 1: Season 4 Invasions Klues Guide

Welcome, Mortal Kombat enthusiasts and seasoned warriors! Season 4 has arrived, bringing with it an arsenal of thrilling Invasions and challenges that test your mettle and mastery of Fatalities, Brutalities, and special moves. Whether you’re battling on Windows or PlayStation, this guide is your key to conquering the new season. Let’s dive into the heart of the storm and unravel the secrets of each Kombat klue.


Detailed Klues and How to Unlock Them:

  1. Heated Exchange:
    • Perform Kameo Scorpion Brutality
  2. Outta Nowhere:
    • Perform Kameo Sonya Brutality
  3. ->->->->->PALM:
    • Perform Kameo Shujinko Fatality
  4. Brutal Infection:
    • Perform Mileena Brutality
  5. Tedsub (Busted):
    • Perform Kameo Stryker Brutality
  6. Slide2Left Slide2Right:
    • Perform Sub-Zero Brutality
  7. Sure You Can:
    • Hit 5 Reiko’s Assassins Throwing Stars move

  8. Lbue I msaraiu (Blue I Samurai):
    • Perform Kenshi Brutality

  9. Kold Shoulder:
    • Perform Kameo Sub-Zero Fatality

  10. Future & Past:
    • Perform Geras Fatality

  11. Now you see me, now you don’t:
    • Perform Smoke Fatality

  12. Happy Feet:
    • Confound your enemy by switching stances over 20 times, showcasing your versatility and adaptability in combat.
  13. Blood Bath:
    • Perform Nitara Fatality

    • Strike with Sindel’s Hair Ball move 5 times, using her lethal locks to ensnare and damage your opponents.
  15. Paws & Reflect:
    • Perform Li Mei Fatality

  16. Lend a Hand:
    • Perform Havik Brutality

  17. Net Zero:
    • Capture your enemies with 3 successful hits of Kameo Cyrax’s Cyber Net, showcasing your strategic prowess.
  18. Light & Dark:
    • Balance the forces with Ashrah by hitting 2 projectiles in Heaven Mode and 2 in Hell Mode, mastering the dual nature of combat.

Remember, Season 4 concludes on April 16. While many of you are eager for the season’s end, let’s make every match count and leave a mark in the annals of Kombat history.


Video Guides:

Check out Gaming with Abyss’s comprehensive video guides on YouTube for visual learners and those seeking extra tips. They’re an invaluable resource for mastering these klues and enhancing your gameplay.



Armed with this guide, you’re now ready to face the challenges of Mortal Kombat 1 Season 4 head-on. Embrace each klue, perfect your moves, and rise above the competition. Remember, in the realm of Mortal Kombat, only the strongest and most cunning warriors prevail. Best of luck, and may your victories be swift and brutal!

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