Mortal Kombat X: How to Get ” No Loyalty ” Achievement Quickly

Fastest method I have found to do the No Loyalty achievement


What you need?
  • At least 1 controller
  • Brutality Kombat modifier
  • A good Faction XP Kombat Kard
My Kombat Kard

I believe this is the max FXP you can get out of the Kombat Kards.

Feel free to show me otherwise.

If you don’t have these specific ones just use the ones that grant you the most FXP , usually the match wins and brutality ones are the best.

Alright now to put everything into motion.

1 – Choose two player with your controller

2 – Choose Kustom Kombat.

3 – Pick a character that has a easy and fast brutality , I used Jason Blunt Trauma ⬅➡A EX.

    Here are some other characters that you can use that have fast brutalities.

  • Scorpion – Shirai Ryu Fire
  • Reptile – Heart Attack
  • Shinok – Gory Hole
  • Erron Black – Quick Draw

Now press enter on your keyboard and it should assign it as your second player , choose any character ( poor Sub-Zero).

Next up is the modifier menu , only choose Brutality Kombat from the modifiers , then confirm with both controller and keyboard and it should look like this.

4 – The stage does not matter so choose any.

As soon as the match starts do your brutality , you should get 875 FXP per match if you are using the same Kombat Kard as me.

Final results
Going from faction level 1 to level 50 takes 143 wins with 875FXP per match.

As you can see the Kombat Kard at that time was slightly different but still would achieve the 875FXP per match.

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