Mount & Blade Warband: Factions Guide

Learn about the factions in M&B Warband


Each faction is distinguished by a different style of army; some have excellent infantry, others excellent archers or cavalry, or a combination of these units.

Each faction has a monarch and his vassals, as well as a claimant to the throne who waits for someone (the player) to champion their cause. The claimants can be found in random town keeps, and you can ask a traveler for their location for 30 denars. Claimants will never be found in a town belonging to the faction for which they are the claimant. For example, Prince Valdym the Bastard will never be found in a keep belonging to Kingdom of Vaegirs.

The player can join a faction, start a rebellion, or create their own faction. In the original game, a player who has created a faction cannot have lords at their service. A player-created faction is regarded as a rebel faction, and the player, as the sole lord, is forced to protect and expand the entire kingdom. This is not the case in Warband, as a player may assign heroes as vassals and convince rival lords to defect.

A faction will be eliminated a few days after all of their territory has been conquered and all of their armies have been defeated. If a faction has had all of its territory conquered but then regains a fief, the time until elimination will be reset, and the vassals of that faction will be able to start recruiting again.

The factions present at the start of the game are listed below. For more information on each, go to their respective pages.


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