Mount & Blade Warband: Basic Controls (Keyboard & Controller)

Here is a basic control for the PC keyboard and controller. enjoy the game.


Mount & Blade Warband Controls PC Keyboard

W- Forward
A- Left
S- Backwards
D- Right

Left mouse- Aim/ Release to shoot and to attack.

Mouse Scroll- Switch to next weapon or holster your weapon.

F- Interact with items

G- Drop an item

Credit to Fin29


Mount & Blade Warband Controls Controller

Y= Interact (i.e. talk, pick up)
B= Drop weapon
A= Jump
X= Kick
Right Bumper: switch weapon
Left Bumper: switch sheild
Right trigger: Attack
Left trigger: Block
D-pad left: main comand menu
D-pad right: command everyone
D-pad up: Notes
D-pad down: Change weapon mode
In command menu
D-pad up/ down: change selection
D-pad left: go back one menu/ make command menu vanish
D-pad right: select command or menu

In the map:
Right analog stick: move cursor
Left analog stick: move camera
D-pad Right/Left: turn camera
D-pad Up: zoom to ground level
D-pad Down: open Notes

In Menu’s
Right analog stick: move cursor
Right trigger: select (or A or Y, though these do not work consistantly so stick with the trigger)

In conversation:
Right trigger: select response/ continue dialog
Right analog stick: move cursor

Credit to Htheman

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