Muv-Luv: How to Install the Director’s Cut (18+) Patch

Instructions for installing the “Director’s Cut” patch which restores the 18+ content on the Steam Deck, Linux and macOS.
As of the recent change of publishers the patch is not available for purchase anywhere. If you haven’t previously bought it from the Kickstarter or Denpasoft you might want to check out this discussion.


Patch file

The patch is contained in an installer called MuvLuv_DirectorsCut.exe. It is packaged with Inno Setup and (at least for me) it just displayed a black window when I tried running it with either Proton or Wine, so to extract it on Linux you’re gonna need to use innoextract.

Extracting the patch

The whole purpose of this section is to extract the file called from the exe. If you’ve acquired this file through other means you can skip this step entirely.

  1. If you’re on the Steam Deck, Switch to desktop mode.
  2. Download innoextract from
    If you’re on the Steam Deck and have not disabled read-only mode, click on “innoextract Linux Binaries” and extract the archive.
    If you’re on macOS you’ll need to install it via Homebrew[].
    Otherwise you can install it via your system’s package manager.
  3. Open the terminal (on Steam Deck run Konsole from the System section in the application menu).
  4. Type this command in the terminal and hit Enter to navigate to the Downloads folder:
    cd ~/Downloads
  5. If you have installed innoextract via the package manager type “innoextract ” (without the quotes and with the space at the end), otherwise open the innoextract folder and drag innoextract into the terminal window.
  6. Drag MuvLuv_DirectorsCut.exe into the terminal window or write the path to the file into the terminal. The last line on the terminal should look something like this:
    (deck@steamdeck Downloads)$ /home/deck/Downloads/innoextract-1.9-linux/innoextract /home/deck/Downloads/MuvLuv_DirectorsCut.exe

    Hit Enter to extract the patch files from the installer.

If you go to the Downloads folder you should see a new folder called app, which will contain a file called among us others.

Applying the patch

  1. Open Steam and right click on Muv-Luv, then select Manage > Browse local files. This should open the game folder on the file browser.
  2. In the game folder, delete or rename to (or whatever name you prefer).
  3. Copy from the Downloads/app folder to the game folder.
  4. Rename to

Check that the patch was installed correctly

That’s it. You can check that everything works correctly by playing the game until you get to the event where Takeru barges into Meiya’s room or looking at the CG gallery if you already unlocked it.

This is how it looks without the patch:

And this is with the patch:


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