My Singing Monsters: Mammott Guide (Common, Rare, and Epic)

Here is a guide on how to get mammott.


Method 1. Buying it

This requires:
-300 Coins (Normal)
-75 Diamonds (Rare)
-250 Diamonds (Epic)
-An empty nursery
-1 Empty Bed (to place it)

Step 1. Open the Shop
Step 2. Go to Monsters
Step 3. Click on the Mammott (If Rare or Epic then it may not be there, you will have to wait for it to come for a limited time)
Step 4. Buy the Mammott (Normal: 300 Coins, Rare: 75 Dimanods, Epic: 250 Diamonds)
Step 5. Get the Egg from the Nursery
Step 6. Place it
Step 7. Done

Method 2. Breeding it

This requires:
-A Mammott
-A Four Element Monster or Rare Mammott

-Two Triple-Element Monsters that have a Cold/Snow Element in them

-Plant Island: A Entbrat and a Furcorn
-Cold Island: A Deedge and a Maw
-Air Island: A Riff and a Pango
-Earth Island: A Quarrister and a Drumpler
-Fire Oasis: A Sneyser and a Quibble
-Light Island: A Blow’t and a Flowah
-Faerie Island: A Pladdie and a Stogg
-Shugabush Island: A Shugabush and a Oaktopus

-An empty nursery
-1 Empty Bed (to place it)

(Note: Rare or Epic may not be Breedable at the time. you can check to see if it is available go to Shop and Monsters, you will have to wait for it to come for a limited time promo if it is not there.)

(Note 2: You may not breed it the first time, it’s based on RNG, lightened wish touches can improve RNG)

Step 1. Go to the Breeding Station
Step 2. Click the “Breed” Button
Step 3. Select {
Common Method 1 (Recommended): Mammott, and a Four-Element Monster (100% Chance)
Common Method 2: Mammott, and Rare Mammott (Will 100% result if Rare Mammott is not available to be bred)
Rare Method: 2 Triple-Element Monsters that has a Cold/Snow Element (Cannot be the same Monster with just different Variant ex: Rare Variant)
Epic Method (Plant Island): Entbrat, and Furcorn
Epic Method (Cold Island): Deedge, and Maw
Epic Method (Air Island): Riff, and Pango
Epic Method (Earth Island): Quarrister, and Drumpler
Epic Method (Fire Oasis): Sneyser, and Quibble
Epic Method (Light Island): Blow’t, and Flowah
Epic Method (Faerie Island): Pladdie, and Stogg
Epic Method (Shugabush Island): Shugabush, and Oaktopus
Step 4. Press the “Breed” Button and it should breed (Time it should take; Common- 2:00 or !:30, Rare- 6:00:00 or 4:30:00, Epic- 5:00:00 or 3:45:00)
Step 5: Wait or Speed up Breeding with Diamonds
Step 6: Once it is done send it to the Nursery
Step 7: Wait or Speed up Nursing with Diamonds
Step 8: Hatch and Place the Mammott
Step 9: Done

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