My Singing Monsters: Tips, Tricks and Free Diamonds

As a senior mobile game player the most occuring question I have seen regarding my singing monsters is how to get diamonds, breeding certain monsters and what to spend your diamonds on and I am here to help!

This guide will go through how to get diamonds neither slow nor fast, how to breed those pesky monsters and other tricks that are good to know to further progress into the game!

We have all seen the guides “HOW TO GET FREE DIAMONDS FAST” and it ends up being someones referal code that gives you a puny 5 diamonds just once which at the same time gives the owner of the referal code 5 diamonds as many times as the code is used. This guide is not made for that purpose. I am here to help all you monster lovers!



Here are some useful tips!

-Always have something breeding, although you might not know the breeding recipes you might get lucky and get rare or even epic monsters!

-Only spend shards on Tribal Island. Spending any other currency isn’t worth it.

-Take your time with Wublins & Celestials. Before starting their countdown, make sure to have bred monsters that take a long time before to make sure you wake up or revive the wublin or celestial in time. View my guide on my website to see what each require.

-When it comes to Ethereal Island, make sure to only teleport one of each Ethereal as you can breed more easily on Ethereal Island.

-Same goes for Shugabush Island, it’s best to only teleport one of each monster as more can easily be bred from there.

-Be wise with which monsters you spend food on. Think of if it’s worth levelling up a particular monster based on what coins they will make.

-Concentrate on increasing monsters’ levels gradually, don’t put all your food resources into one monster. It’ll slow your progress.

-Don’t level up the Dipsters above level 10, Dipsters make barely any coins and the food isn’t worth it.

-Make monsters happy. When your monsters are happy so is your coin supply! Be strategic though with what you buy for a monsters’ happiness, evaluate the cost and whether it would be wise to get it, wait for a sale, or not to.

-Baking, baking, always be baking! Your bakeries should never be free and baking should be the number one priority for where you put your coins, so your monsters can level up and you can get even more coins.

-Take advantage of the Storage structure. Decorations in the storage structure will still make monsters happy. Why not put one of each decoration in the storage structure so all monsters are always 100% happy?

-Don’t forget about wishing torches, they increase your chances of breeding rare monsters and friends can light them for free.

-Don’t bother with Celestial Island till you’re far into the game. It won’t benefit your resources and the prices will cause a significant diamond loss. It will take a very long time to earn your diamonds back from them.

-In the purchase diamonds menu, you can exchange 1 diamond for a relic. Do this daily to build up your relic supply faster.

-Wait for the regular 50% off-deals in-game on Wubbox, the Mirror Islands, Celestials, Werdos, and structure upgrades to save currency and progress faster.

Breeding Ethereals!

Breeding Ethereals can be quite tricky so I have collected all the recipes for them on all islands!

Ghazt (Plant island)

Enbrat + T-Rox, Bowgart, Clamble, Pummel

Breeding time : 1 Day, 12 Hours

Grumpyre (Snow island)

Deedge + Congle, Bowgart, Spunge,Thumpies

Breeding time :

Reebro (Earth island)

Riff + Congle, PomPom, Scups, T-Rox

Breeding time :

Jeeode (Air island)

Shellbeat + Spunge, Pummel, Scups, Reedling

Breeding time :

Humbug (Earth island)

Quarrister + Clamble, Thumpies, PomPom, Reedling

Breeding time : 1 Day, 12 Hours

I would’ve added images but because of the available images the guide would look terrible

Breeding Seasonals!

Breeding Seasonals can also be quite tricky so I have collected all the recipes for them on all islands!

Punkleton (Plant island)

T-Rox + Bowgart

Yool (Snow island)

Thumpies + Congle

Schmoochle (Earth island)

Tweedle + Riff

Blabbit (Air island)

Spunge + Scups

Hoola (Air/Earth island)

Pango + PomPom

Gobbleygourd (Fire Haven/Oasis)

Kayna + Glowl

Clavavera (Bone island)

Withur + Clackula

These are the breeding recipes for the natural islands, this is excluding the actual seasonal shanty island.

All methods to get diamonds!

Now this is the part everyone is here for! HOW TO GET DIAMONDS. Diamonds are a very valuable resource as they can be used to upgrade castles, skip breeding times, fill wublins and wubboxes and so much more and here are all the methods for getting diamonds that I have been able to find!

-The Mini-Mine, the premium Maximum Mine, and the now unobtainable Mine, which produce Diamonds at a rate of 1 Diamonds per day and 4 Diamonds per day, respectively.

-Completion of difficult Goals, which can result in Diamonds as a reward

-Completion of weekly Tribal Island Goals, which can result in a reward of up to 20 Diamonds at Tribal Level 1500

-Bonus Item of 1 Diamonds from Monsters that can produce Bonus Items

-Earning 100 Diamonds per week while having a Top Ten Island

-Registering a Friend for the first time through each method for a 5 Diamonds reward

-Sharing Achievements via social networks

-Completing the memory game

-Winning 2 Diamonds to 1000 Diamonds from the Spin Wheel

-Logging in three consecutive days for 3 Diamonds and ten consecutive days for 25 Diamonds

-Exchanging Shards for Diamonds

-Collecting 2 Diamonds from Wublins and Celestials at a 7% chance

-Purchasing Diamonds with cash or completing free offers

-Rewards from the Mailbox

-Wublin Farming, mid to late game method where you fill your entire wubblin island with zynths, the reason for specifically zynth is because of the slots they occupy on the island meaning the more you can fit the more diamonds you get this will yield at at most 214 diamonds per week!

-Leveling monsters to any level above 16, this will have a chance of your monsters giving you a bonus every time you collect coins.

-Shard exchange, although not recommended with a good shard farm you can exchange 30.000 shards for 1 diamond.

These are the methods I am aware of as of right now and I will update if I find any new ones!


My singing monsters is a simple game on the outside but there are plenty of tricks that are good to know which make the game more enjoyable so if you consider this guide useful use my code 🙂

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