My Summer Car: All Player Attributes Guide

This guide will go over all the player attributes, what they mean and how to deal with them!



The Player character has several attributes that need to be paid attention and treated too. They are displayed on the left-side of the display and can be hidden with F2.

The Player has 7 attributes and the additional DAY and MORTAL [permanent death]

Some Attributes will cause side-effects when they max out and turn red and may cause the player to die. Such as Thirst, Hunger, Urine and Fatigue.

Thirst – Dehydration
Hunger – Starvation
Stress – Vitto!
Urine – Burst Bladder
Fatigue – The Player will slowly pass out and this may prove fatal while driving.

I will go all over these in more detail and how to prevent such fates in the harsh Finish summer.


The Player can die from dehydration if he doesn’t drink regularly. It would take about 40 real-time minutes for the Player’s thirst bar to turn red, and 1 hour and 46 minutes for the player to die.

Eating, running or sitting in the sauna dehydrates the Player.

This is easily preventable, you have many options: drinking BeerMilk, or Water from a Faucet or Water well and not limited to drinking your own piss by look up into the sky and pressing P. There is also Juice which isn’t recommended for drinking as it doesn’t lower your thirst, but increases the need to urinate.

You can buy Beer and Milk from the Teimo’s. You can a Beer case next to the freezer and the Milk inside the freezer.

  • Beer Case – 149 mk
  • Milk – 5.5 mk

Milk and Beer Case

Milk spoils so you must keep it refrigerated.

The Faucet you can find inside your own home’s kitchen and inside Jokke’s new apartment in Peräjärvi.

While the Water wells are found scattered around the map.

Water well locations


As any person in Finland the Player must eat to survive. You can eat sausagespizzamacaronchipssausage with friesmoose meat and pike.

NOTE: Food like sausages, pizza, macaron, moose meat and pike will spoil if not kept in the fridge.

it would take about 53 minutes of real-time for the hunger bar to become red, and 1 hour and 46 minutes for the player to die. Most drinks, also lower hunger slightly. While alcoholic drinks lower hunger initially, hangover will result in increased need afterward.

Food like sausagespizzamacaron and chips can be bought from Teimo’s. They are all next to the counter. Sausage with fries can be found at the Pub.


  • Sausage – 10.95 mk
  • Pizza – 9.95 mk
  • Macaron Box – 11.95 mk
  • Chips – 14.95 mk
  • Sausage With Fries (Pub) – 25 mk

Food like moose meat and pike must be cooked before consumed. This should be done over a grill or next to a fireplaceSausages can also be cooked, but don’t need to as you can consume it raw.

The grill can be used for grilling by first pouring some charcoal inside and then lighting it by pressing F, you must then wait for the fire to go out before cooking anything as the food will burn. The fireplace can be operated by first tossing 1-4 firewood inside the chamber, then lighting it by pressing Fthe same applies to the grill, the fire must go out before cooking. Make sure to not use the grill inside the home as it will cause a fire pretty quickly!

The grill can be found inside the garage of the Player’s home Charcoal is bought at Teimo’s for 18.5 mk.

There are 2 fireplaces in the map, 1 in the player’s home and the other in the cottage on the remote island.

Embers appearing after the fire goes out

You can also use the brick grill on the remote island, but it will take longer for the brick grill to create embers unlike the portable grill at home. The brick grill operates the same as a fireplace.

Moose meat and Pike

Moose meat can be harvested from a dead moose by swinging and hitting it with an axe. The axe is found on the island and in the woodshed near the Player’s home. While pike must be caught using the fish trap, which is found on the island in the middle of the lake.

Moose meat and Pike

Moose randomly appear in the night while driving and you or an npc have a chance of hitting one. To catch a pike you must put the fish trap underwater and eventually you will catch some fish while you are working on the Satsuma.


Believe it or not stress will make you die, so you must RELAX even if the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ engine exploded for the 5th time today.

It would take about 1 hour and 3 minutes of real-time for the stress bar to become red, and 2 hours and 3 minutes for the player to die.

There are numerous ways to reduces stress: driving over 120km/h, drinking alcohol, chopping firewood, winning the rally, passing the car inspection, swearing, using a sauna, smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee, eating grilled meats, or being on the island.

When the stress bar turns red, the player character will start swearing. Constantly pressing N to swear is a slow way to get rid of stress, but effective if you have no other choice.

Smoking up to 60-90 cigarettes will cause the player character to become addicted, causing the default stress bar increase rate to become higher.

You can get coffee from Teimo’s shop and cigarettes from both the shop and his pub.

  • Cigarettes (shop) – 13.95 mk
  • Cigarettes (pub) – 17 mk
  • Ground Coffee – 19.95 mk

Explaining how to brew coffee would be a headache for me so make it easy for yourself and look up a Youtube tutorial or go look it up on the wiki.

And there are numerous ways to increase stress: getting a traffic ticket, failing the car inspection, losing a hand of Ventti, or having a hangover. Stress will also increase passively. When stress becomes too high, the player character will die unless the stress bar is lowered.


After drinking a lot the Player’s bladder fills up and must be emptied otherwise the Player dies from a burst bladder.

It would take about 5 hours and 13 minutes of real-time for the urine bar to become red, and 10 hours and 26 minutes for the player to die.


Eventually the Player gets tired and needs to sleep.

It would take about 1 hour and 17 minutes of real-time for the fatigue bar to max out, and 2 hours and 34 minutes for the player to start blacking out.

The player character can sleep in the bed in his home, on the sofa, the cottage sofa, the back of the Gifu, the rear of the Ruscko or on the rear seats of the Satsuma. Fatigue can also be decreased by driving over 120km/h. One can also brew coffee, or buy some directly from Pub Nappo, which will cause the fatigue bar to stop increasing as fast for a while. Drinking too much coffee will cause the player character to become addicted, causing the default fatigue bar increase rate to become higher. If over-fatigued for too long, the player character will start experiencing black-outs; shake the mouse back and forth to regain consciousness. This can prove possibly fatal while driving!

If you happen to be waken up by Jokke at night watching the TV while no program is on will increase your fatigue and you can go back to sleep.

No Program


High dirtiness attracts annoying, harmless mosquito’s that keep making a buzzing sound occasionally. The Player can take a shower at their home or bathe in the lake to clean himself.

It would take about 4 hours and 38 minutes of real-time for the dirtiness bar to max out.

You can ward yourself from mosquito’s by buying the mosquito spray from Teimo.

  • Mosquito Spray – 32.95 mk

Mosquito Spray

By Nero

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