My Summer Car: How to Install the Save Files

This is how you install msc save games if you hate repairing satsuma or buidling it.


Finding the best save for you

Theres a lot of saves, completed saves, custom saves for challenges, stock saves and of course you got race ready saves. But whats the best for you? let me help you!
You are new and just want to explore the map or the games secrets: Completed save
You have already buildt satsuma a couple of times and you think its too easy: Challenge saves
You want to tune the car by yourself or just dont want to make it so tuned: Stock saves
You want to win the rally but you don’t want to build satsuma and get electrocuted by the stupid wires:
Fully tuned satsuma saves

These can be found on racedepartment or Nexus

Opening msc savegame folder

This can be found by pressing Win+R and typing %appdata% Then press the Appdata button and go into “Locallow” folder. Search for a folder called “Amistech” then open the my summer car folder inside
congrats, you have found your msc savegame folder

Placing the Save game files into the folder

Open the save game file and drag all of the files into the my summer car folder

Congratulations, You made it

Open up my summer car and press continue and enjoy
If you have any problems please add me on discord and ill help you with it
Discord: AAWatteri
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