Necesse: How to Gain Coins (Two Methods)

Methods describing ways that I personally found to make coins at decent rates.


Method A (Spoiler Alert!!!)
This method involves summoning multiple of the Evil’s Protector boss using Mysterious Portals and killing them for the loot. Assuming you sell everything that drops, each kill is worth 520 Coins at the Pawn Broker (Force of Wind = 200, Foci = 200, 12 Demonic Bars = 120).

This method is effective relatively early in the game, since even the weakest mid-game armors can sufficiently tank anything the boss throws at you on Normal mode. The only thing to possibly watch out for is the Landing attack, which does 50 base damage.

Do note that you may want to keep some of the Demonic Bars that drop to craft more summoning items, and if you run low on Bat Wings just try and hunt down a Vampire den in the Forest caves, there are usually a few of those around.

Killing 20 alone netted me almost ten thousand coins in only 2 nights of farming.

Method B(read)

This method involves Settlers auto-farming Wheat to mill into Flour, and then making it into Bread at a Cooking Pot or Cooking Station. Bread sells for 8 Coins a piece, and can be produced at a reasonable rate provided you have a good chain of Flour production going.

This method is useful if you’d rather do something else while your settlers make Bread in the background, and has the advantage of an incredibly simple recipe that doesn’t require an excessive amount of crops, meat/fish, or scavenged goods like Blueberries – which means far greater consistency thanks to there only being 1 true requirement to keep the production chain going (Flour).

If you’re struggling to craft Farmland for all the Wheat you need to grow, you can just rip up the Farmland in Villages (I’m sure they don’t mind) and use it at your settlement.

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