New World: Factions Guide

This guide will break down the 3 different available factions in New World and explain what they’re all about.


The Three

There are three distinct different factions that you can choose from. Once you advance through the starting quests and reach level 10, you will be given the choice…

The Marauders

The Syndicate

The Covenant

The Marauders

The Marauders are a ruthless military force. They’re warriors that love conflict.

If you plan on playing New World as a warrior/tank/brute, then this is the perfect faction for you. Their color is green, so special faction armors & weapons that you unlock will be colored green. Their emblem, as shown on the banner above, is a warhammer penetrating through a skull.

The Marauders are the most “villainous” faction out of the three. If you like being the bad guy in video games, then you’ll love to be a Marauder.

The Syndicate

The Syndicate is a secretive group in search of forbidden knowledge.

This faction focuses heavily on expanding their knowledge. They work in the shadows, and are very mysterious. Their color is purple, so special faction armors & weapons that you unlock will be colored purple. Their emblem, as shown on the banner above, is an open eye, which represents being in a state of enlightenment.

If you want to play New World as a wizard/mage character, then Syndicate would be the perfect choice for you. Their aesthetic is purple, mysterious, arcane… they focus a lot on alchemy. They seek knowledge. These are all very wizard-esque things.

The Covenant

The Covenant is a fanatical movement whose main duty is to cleanse the world of heretics and defilers so that its true holy nature can thrive and justice can be restored.

This faction is very religious-based. They want to cleanse the land of any who oppose their views. (Members of the other two factions.) They’re divine champions who are driven by faith. They fight for the struggling souls of all living things. Their color is orange/gold, so special faction armors & weapons that you unlock will be colored accordingly. Their emblem, as shown on the banner above, is a winged fist, which represents divinity.

The Covenant are warriors like the Marauders, only they are not brutish warriors; they are holy, and fighting for religion. They fight for more of a profound cause. So you can either be a morally “good” warrior – a Covenant, or a “bad” warrior, a Marauder. Also, if you want to play as a paladin/healer, the Covenant would be amazingly fitting for you; their whole aesthetic matches perfectly with that of a paladin.

Faction Effects

  • If your friends are in a certain faction, you should join them. It’s much easier to level up and do quests together if you’re both in the same faction.
  • There is faction specific gear.
  • There’s faction specific quests.
  • There are player-made companies that are associated with different factions. (Like Marauder-only companies, Syndicate-only companies…)
  • The color associated with each faction… (Green, purple, or orange)
  • Players can’t PvP other players that are in their same faction. (A Marauder could PvP against a Syndicate, but a Syndicate couldn’t PvP against a fellow Syndicate.)

Most Popular Faction

Currently the most popular faction in New World is Syndicate. They just have a very cool aesthetic… Their color is purple (which looks great on armor & weapons), they’re mysterious, they have an awesome emblem. It’s a solid choice, you can’t really go wrong with it.

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