New World: How to Level Up Fast (Best Weapon & Skinning XP Farm)

Here is a simple guide to help you level up fast with the Best Weapon & Skinning XP Farm. enjoy the guide.

Defeat Boars and Tuskgore at Boarsholm (coordinates: 13196, 5830) for Survivalist Wilson in the Restless Shores Settlement. Boarsholm is located in Restless Shores territory. Many wild boars spawn there.

Go there with a group and a good healer! You can farm XP and skin the wild boars. Your weapons get a LEVEL UP too!. If you jump on the tent or on a box, the wild boars cannot harm you. Don’t forget to build a camp nearby!

You have to be careful not to attract too many opponents at once. The key to victory is cooperation with other players and providing support to each other – a lonely fight will quickly make you overwhelmed by the number of opponents.


How to LEVEL UP FAST in NEW WORLD! Best Weapon & Skinning XP Farm – Boarsholm | New World Gameplay

Here’s how to LEVEL UP FAST in New World.

Location On Map – Boarsholm

Map coordinates: 13196, 5830

Best Weapon & Skinning XP Farm – Boarsholm

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