NieR Automata™: Number of Materials for All Weapons

I have looked through all of the guides for a basic list of materials for weapons. I found some that list the materials for each weapon but while I am playing the game, I have found a great need for gold. I could go through the guides to see the materials but not able to tell me a total for each material! I don’t want to hold onto items forever when I could sell them if I no longer have a need. This is the raw data for such numbers.


Raw, Total Number, Bare Minimum, No-Time-Wasting, Simplistic, Material Requirements
Amber 34
Beast Hide 35
Black Pearl 16
Broken Battery 48
Broken Circuit 50
Broken Key 75
Broken Spring 20
Clean Nut 15
Copper Ore 90
Crushed Nut 31
Crystal 80
Dented Plate 72
Dented Socket 27
Gold Ore 44
Iron Ore 77
Large Battery 18
Large Gear 18
Machine Arm 30
Machine Head 16
Machine Leg 19
Machine Torso 14
Memory Alloy 36
Meteorite 19
Meteorite Shard 6
Moldavite 20
New Bolt 21
Pearl 29
Pristine Cable 21
Pristine Screw 9
Pyrite 46
Rusted Clump 100
Rusty Bolt 53
Severed Cable 50
Silver Ore 59
Small Gear 48
Stretched Coil 29
Stripped Screw 32
Sturdy Socket 9
Titanium Alloy 54
Warped Wire 34

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